Poltergeist or telekinesis

I have had a poltergeist my whole life and it has thrown things around the house and a bunch of weird stuff. Many have told me that they think it is my own subconscious mind, which I’m willing to believe considering the theory makes logical sense and is quite popular amongst the experts. The problem comes in when I practice telekinesis the results are minimal movement at best but if my subconscious can throw stuff why can’t I take control of that? Any ideas? I know there is a connection but how to tap it is the question.


Another thing I just thought of is, once a friend of mine asked me, " you always do this entity work did you ever think that all your entities are just your subconscious poltergeist fulfilling that for you to create your reality?" There’s two things here the one is that the entities all have a very unique personality and feel. Secondly if it was my subconscious then it would create the entity anyway and the poltergeist would not have to pretend to be the entity. Any thought’s?

Yes. It is probably most likely a Being that is not an entity you created. I know this sounds obvious, but perhaps it is because it isnt a mere entity but something more, such as a Devic Angel from the True Other side in a Future. Maybe you are being contacted by another intelligence that is not of You, but maybe somehow socially relates to you?

To a degree, you are always creating entities, even one’s with pre-existing history. Hell, as you read this, you are actively creating me, even though I have my own separate consciousness. How is this? It’s primarily because what you get out of me is going to be only as far as your perception can perceive who I am. So no matter what, me according to you will always have at least a slightly different flavor than me according to me, or me according to my mom, my women, my co-workers, etc.,.

Your subconscious mind is really all there is to reality to period. This is something that most people don’t believe, even magicians. In fact, magicians are sometimes less likely to believe that idea than normal people, because magicians interact with all sorts of beings that they usually work hard as hell to encounter. However, think about the fact that when you go to sleep, you enter dream realms with all sorts of people, beings, and objects that, when you are there, all have their own sentience, personalities, goals, etc.,. Completely different realities are constructed by your brain all the time, and the only reason they don’t stick is because our attention is not normally fixed in those realms. How you perceive everything is based on what you allow the subconscious to give you, and perception is the only thing that affirms reality to us.

You wonder why you can’t control telekinesis, when your subconscious is controlling most of your vital functions without you doing a damn thing to consciously control them. You are addressing why you can’t consciously control these things, but you conscious mind accounts for such a small amount of your consciousness that it might as well be closer to 0% of your mind than even 1%. Does you consciously regulate your heartbeat, cellular respiration, metabolism, hormone production, cellular reproduction… the list could go on and on. Yet you are controlling these things subconsciously, since the subconscious is you as well. But if you, right now, tried to even consciously control your heartbeat, it would not happen without considerable difficulty or some prior training.

So it would make complete sense if you had subconscious abilities that you could not consciously control. It would also make sense that your subconscious manifests in some multifaceted form. The mind works with what you allow it to work with, and form many people it would be better for them to feel like they were accompanied by a ghost that to accept that they flat-out can move objects with their minds. Now understand, you may have some sort of “outside” poltergeist working with you. However, what you are perceiving as a poltergeist or other-than-you entity could easily be your subconscious. You just have to understand that your subconscious is far, FAR more multifaceted and powerful than any idea that you might pick up about it from reading books. I might be biased because of my discipline, but I can say that even “advanced” works on spiritual matters just tend to completely outsource what is essentially internal processes to things “outside” of humans. Don’t underestimate the desire for overly complicating matters that is somewhat prevalent in human beings lol.

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The reason I said it was “outside” was because he didnt create it because of the telekinesis. Entities do have the ability to share MindSpace though, so there would be a huge confusion of things of whether you are creating it or not, or even whether its your own voice or someone elsew…regarding voices this is especially the case to even those who have opened all their other worldly 5 senses. An entity of advanced proportions not only has the ability to be outside everyones own experiences, but simultaneously able to host and utilize the mindspace of multiple individuals even undetected.

Telekinesis or magic requires focused attention. Entities interact directly with your attention. They know how to wield it properly, we don’t.

For instance, three knocks are pretty common. Why do you knock on someone’s door? To get their attention. Once entities have your attention, they can use it, often better than we we are able to use it.

Technically, it is an entity doing it. Really, it’s your power, and there’s no reason you couldn’t learn to do the exact same thing.

Poltergeists are generally destructive and hard to control, and the more you acknowledge them the more they destroy, the stronger they get, because they feed off of emotions, especially negative ones. I’m almost wondering if that thing that was following me around for several years was a poltergeist and not a shadow person because it reacted the same way and I was in a very nasty hateful mood that entire time. I had literally held in my emotions to the point of having a nervous breakdown then all of a sudden this thing kept haunting me and it fed off of negative emotions.

Well actually it didn’t haunt me, it followed me around and only fucked with everyone else around me. It never hurt me, just messed with my sanity a bit but it was dead set on scaring the shit out of everyone else and driving everyone out of my life and as hateful as I felt during that time I would not be surprised if that was me, my own poltergeist the entire time just getting revenge on those around me who upset me all these years. Because I do have a very dark and nasty side that I try to keep hidden and locked away ever since I was able to turn into a more positive person and “banish” that entity that was following me.

And I had an extreme hated for everyone around me during that time. Hmmm, I will have to look into this further because I wouldn’t be shocked at all if my inner self was capable of projecting something that nasty out into the world in the form of a poltergeist.

One more thing, how stupid is the English language. It’s supposed to be ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C’. We’re not supposed to spell things with ‘EI’ unless there is a ‘C’ in the word before the ‘EI’ but poltergeist is spelled with an ‘EI’ after a ‘G’. Did we break our own language rules here? or has everyone been spelling it wrong all these years?

So Adam,

Partially relating to what she said as far as destructive tendency. Its really hard in the first stages of confusion to understand what these Supernatural occurences mean. This is the reason I suggested contact from a further future entity. In shamanistic practices one wrestles with an entity to achieve new ground with it, and when I say wrestling is not so much subjugating it rather than coming to terms with ones self in relation to it…so that one may come to a better understanding of things. This is how some go from feeding something Fear to perhaps gaining a new ally and feeding it positivity instead.

But back to my point. It might be future contact, where ones interactjon with it based off a negative emotion can be thought of as a Mis-managenent of Forces as to how one relates to it energetically. In magick one can at times have that chaotic destructive effect, just as one can have a destructive poltergeist. So like say a future magick spell or spirit that was kicked off it effected you…where the saying goes “you are not ready yet…” see where I am going? Its hard to determine where most people go running scared or worried as they are too busy looking for demons to use as an analogy (I was a little guilty of that too in my past).

So it is hard for you to determine its true nature. Lets say in “Tychokinesis” you were able to tap into a power in the future…where in such efforts a certain aspect of Tychokinesis is that the very fabric of what made up your spiritual/psychic matrix was torn apart and reconfigured to bring about certain things like say luck or whatever. One of course must realize it isnt luck in the usual way one thinks about it, because sometimes to get new things there must be a certain destruction before creation. If it was an entity of sufficient great power, then this would most definetely make “Big Tidal Tychokinetic Shockwaves” in the matrix system of your life across space-time.

So thats why I suggested a sort of Time Travel element of Entity and Magick as well as a Misunderstanding/Mis-managent of energy where you may be interacting with your future out of Fear of where you are not ready yet. Kind of like Raven said she had negative hateful emotions and so it kinda “helped her out” with that aspect. What if your experience was a combination of said entity interacting with your thoughts and emotions to produce this? My intuition behind your experience is that it is an Entity that is very dominant and doesnt like to be controlled, but its interaction has a very specific targetted purpose, although it isnt necessarily destruction…so it interacts with you to somehow produce specific things in your life. Look beyond the negative and divine perhaps how it could have positively effected yoy as well. Do so also in terms of your personal goals and consukt with hour HGA on that as far as future endeavors you may not be aware of yet.

It’s a loanword from German:

[b]poltergeist (n.)[/b]
1838, from German Poltergeist, literally "noisy ghost," from poltern "make noise, rattle" (from PIE root *bhel- (4) "to sound, ring, roar;" source of bellow, bell) + Geist "ghost" (see ghost (n.)). In the native idiom of Northern England, such phenomenon likely would be credited to a boggart.

Source: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=poltergeist

It’s a loanword from German:

[b]poltergeist (n.)[/b]
1838, from German Poltergeist, literally "noisy ghost," from poltern "make noise, rattle" (from PIE root *bhel- (4) "to sound, ring, roar;" source of bellow, bell) + Geist "ghost" (see ghost (n.)). In the native idiom of Northern England, such phenomenon likely would be credited to a boggart.

Source: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=poltergeist


A boggart?! Hey, pass it over here to me. Here’s looking at you, kid!