POLL: Vote On Your 3 Favorite Demonic Gatekeepers

Demonic Gatekeepers Poll

You may vote three times on which of these Nine Demonic Gatekeepers you consider your most favorite.

  • Abaddon the Destroyer
  • Asmodeus the Lord of Lust & Wrath
  • Azazel the Liberator
  • Baal the Ruler
  • Beelzebub the Lord of Flies
  • Belial without a Master
  • Lucifer the Enlightener
  • Lucifuge the Lord of Pacts & Excess
  • Satan the Adversary

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• Arranged in alphabetical order
• Three votes per user
• Vote closes June 23
• This poll allows us to quantify which prominent demons a sizable population of contemporary black magicians consider their top favorites
• To our knowledge, no poll exactly like this has occurred historically


You may share your votes and reasons behind them in comments below.


I personally voted my three favorites:

  • Azazel because I relate to his identity as a scapegoat of Abrahamic religion.
  • Lucifer because I admire his bulletproof courage to carry his truth regardless of circumstance
  • Lucifuge because at this moment he seems to possess more mystery to discover than any other. If you can look into Anthology of Sorcery, Volume 2, E.A. shares his evocation experience with Lucifuge where this spirit elucidates a prehistoric pact between early human-kind and demon-kind and even provides insights into clauses and logistics of it. I strongly believe we need to pioneer that knowledge.

Belial for me because lulz and also, break everything before building something new.

I voted for no other, that’s how important is is to fuck shit up, break the clockwerk mecha, and do something new. :sunglasses:

Any time you need to be whipped in a desert @Timothy, you just let me know. :kiss:


I guess you people know me well enough to why I voted for Asmodeus :dagger: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Azazel … that one probably needs no explanation

Belial … he’s always got my back

Lucifuge … he’s awesome, always shows up when I need him … he has amazing advice and guidance


Belial- Because he’s been incredible at leading me around to answers I’ve been looking for. And so far he’s been more open to me than anyone else. At this point I notice his hand in almost every part of my life.

Asmodeus- He’s showed himself as Lord of the long game. Lately I’ve been getting messages from him that have resurfaced after being asked 15+ years ago. I can honestly say I never expected a specialist in lust and wrath to be so gifted in subtlety and strategy.

Lucifer- Ever patient and willing to teach. Every question I’ve asked him has been answered in a beautiful way. Sometimes it takes a bit, but it’s always the equivalent to a master painting that blows your mind.


I voted Azazel, Belial, and Lucifer, because those are the only three from the list that I’ve actually worked with. I have no experience with the others.


Lucifer: First higher level spiritual entity I ever had contact with, and one of the few I’ve worked with a lot.
Belial: I’m a primal craft practitioner, so duh. Also had my back on some legal issues some time back
Lucifuge: Toss up between him and Azazel Haven’t worked with them all that much, but I haven’t worked at all with the others left on the list…


Lucifer- He is one of the most patient beings I’ve ever worked with. He shows me how to speak my truth and encourages me to never give up and never back down. He makes me laugh and has taught me so much about the nature of Demons and Angels. How they are all so very alike yet so very different. He just doesn’t hand me the things I need or want, he makes me work for it. I love and appreciate him so much.

Azazel - He use to scare the crap out of me but he really showed me what a silly bitch I was being. I was kneeling at the altar repeating his Enn when he came through. He asked me what the fuck I thought I was doing? You don’t kneel. Kneeling is for slaves and servants, not for Goddesses. (he called me a goddess, I think I blushed) he has shown me that I am to stand tall and take no for an answer. He very directly points out my issues that I was very content to ignore and brought them to the forefront making me deal with it. He gives me the strength to deal with it. Since working with him I’m gaining a lot more respect from those around me, and he shields and protects. He growls in my ear when he’s near and makes me laugh. He’s become a great friend.
Belial- He is one I’ve not worked with yet but the time is coming. He scares me like Azazel scared me. I know of his greatness and the things he can teach me but I get hesitant. The time will come when it will be necessary to work with him. There will be something I need and only Belial can provide. I know and can feel his greatness and is probably the strongest of the gate keepers.


Lucifer: he’s always had my back despite what anyone says. When I need him, hes there for me, regardless of anything. He’s family. He always will be.

Lucifuge: I don’t know why but when I met him, there was something about him.

Abbadon: he’s quite the mentor and an Uncle figure.

Belial: like lucifer been there since the beginning.


I went Belial, Azazel and Abbadon.

I’ve worked with Belial but the other two not yet. I keep sensing them and when looking at the names they were like Hermione with her hand up in potions class so eventually i’ll be reading up on them and even working with them. The Book of Azazel is on my list but i haven’t researched much on Abbadon yet. It will happen though :wink: Though i’m a stubborn person, when a spirit talks i listen.


I personally admire Azazel as he seems to be very much gearing up to open doors regarding the ascent of mankind in this aeon.

Belial is always a very strong force in my life and he is offering up unheard of wisdom in regard to the potential of human evolution.

Lucifer is also one of my favorites because while Belial has offered up knowledge of our potential power Lucifer is now revealing practical ways of making that happen. He is giving me strategies which are geared toward directly attacking the system of enslavement. This has never been done. He is bringing it forth. This is it.


According to my research pushes glasses up Ba’al and Baelzebub are arguably the samesies.
well thats what he tell me: Ba’el Enlil, Lord of The Flies and Masters, and daddies, and Secrets, and Cool Stuff… just for me maybe lol So strange there are beings I cannot know. Whole lists of them, in fact.

Come Fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away…


i voted
Azazel for his enormous magical power
Lucifer because he enlighten me saved me from the darkness of life
and Lord Satan for his spiritual evolution and new powerful era


Lord Belial and Lord Asmodeus: My bonds run deep with these two. They were among the first demons to approach me, of their own accord, when I officially began my path. They were waiting for a long time, watching me in my life. Many sexy and profound experiences have been had.

Here lately, Lord Belial has been opening up to me on new levels of depth. Roughly 7 years later, our relationship grows more complex and intimate day by day. I neglect the physical often. Lord Belial keeps pushing on me to “intertwine the physical and the spiritual”. Bring the influences together as one, like how fire forges earth to create metal. A marriage of the two to create more power.

Lord Satan. Satan is both a name and a title. He is many things to me. It seems as if he too, has been watching over me my entire life. In my experiences, he is a powerful, ancient, demonic being in his own right. Such complexity and depth, an enigma, yet an open book for those who seek him. Lord Belial and Lord Satan working together… will break you down to your true self… rather violently. No turning back, and I don’t regret it.


I experienced the destruction that satan has to offer and its making me proud to survive his destruction its all to get stronger…


Belial: He’s a tough and powerful dude, but he can be really humorous and chill.

Asmodeus: I’m not sure why, because. I haven’t had much of an interaction with him. Every time I read his name, I get a sense of his energy, and I enjoy his energy a lot.

Lucifuge: It’s the same reason with Asmodeus. I just really enjoy his energy too, even though the energy can get super intense. :stuck_out_tongue:


Keeping an eye on this one. Get a little insight on you all. :wink:

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Interesting as I actually started a topic on who folks where looking forward to

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