Police Issue - Claim against the police

Hi Fellows

So as some of you may know I had success against my previous police issue thanks to Belial and Bune. Recently however my attorney found that the police had no evidence to ever secure a conviction or even bring this case to Trial in the criminal courts. However in my country police can keep records of all your information as long as they believe you may have committed the crime. Even if there is no evidence to show that you did commit the crime. Essentially you are guilty unless you can prove yourself innocent.

My attorney has suggested I bring a civil claim against the police to try and get any records they hold on me deleted given that the police admit that they don’t hold evidence to bring this to Trial

As you know I’ve worked with Belial on my police issues in the past with fantastic results. Given that I feel I have built up a rapport with Belial should I just summon him again and ask for his help in my civil claim against the police.

I apologise that I seem to have almost answered my own question but I just wanted the support and input of my fellow BALGers

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Thanks. I suspected that would be the answer. But I just wanted the support of my fellow magicians. Know what I mean?

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