Poker magick

I was playing poker online and it started getting boring. I casted a spell that was supposed to give me an advantage and make me dominate the table I was playing at. I casted it then forgot about it and focused on the game. For some reason then everyone left almost at the same time and I had to find another table (a reaction to the spell perhaps?).

I decided to cast another spell and this time it was going to make me dominate any table for 1 hour. Again I casted it, forgot about it and stayed focused on the game. No one left but things became increasingly “biased” in my favor. I kept my focus by an extreme effort of the will and kept on playing and then I got a straight flush!!!

I kept playing for some minutes then I left the table to do something else. However, when I went back to playing (still within the 1 hour), I as so fucking unlucky and I sucked so bad, my cards were shitty, the hands were shitty and it was like the opposite of the game I had played before taking that break.

Any theories on what happened?

No idea

Perhaps when you decided to leave the table, you lost focus of your will. I think with things like this require focus and mental will, which you already know but yeah I think you lost concentration so the energy was lacking

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yes. know when to stop when your ahead. Greed often kills the profit. No streak last forever. the one hour limit is no gurantee that the luck is static. It webs up and down during the hour. You still have to play carefully.

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