Pokemon is Satanic......Uhhhhh


Oh my, I bet that’s why I’ve turned to the LHP…! I was demonized as a child by Furby…! :scream:


Yup, there’s a huge conspiracy that if you listen to the Pokemon Rap backwards it says, “kids love Satan,” which is a huge hoax because it doesn’t. It’s just a bunch of old farts once again raging about something that they don’t understand nor want to understand and just spread a whole bunch of bullshit propaganda.




There’s also the fact that James’ voice actor said that “Leo Burnett and 4Kids are the devi!l” and played it backwards in the episode that audio was featured, except this was no conspiracy theory-it’s a fact.


Could not have put it better myself, thank you. :grin:


so your say people christains really are saying this?250px-653Fennekin
my keneku(name made from deku and keneki yes im a weeb)that turned into this on x
is a cybor demon? your kidding me? any one know how i can summon it and make him a familiar then lol smdh


Probably Jack Chick Tracts


Lol Yugioh is my game, Pokemon too :joy_cat:


These are pretty hilarious


That’s nuts–the cartoon… Funny thing about some Christians is that they seem to love talking about witches, Satan and the occult.


Whether you’re absorbed in the Holy Spirit or a goetic spirit you’re still absorbed (basically obsessed to possessed in a way). I don’t recall the satanist crusade of killing all the tribal cultures on the planet, subjugating is to torture, raping, shame, isolation, starvation, and manifest destiny on our way of life to be assimilated.

Puritans, conquistadors, monks, inquisitions and soldiers of the Church sure loved doing that. Now I know there’s some wack job groups in any culture but Christians baked that cake long ago. We won’t get over it. YOU LIE AND PREY ON THE DOWNTRODDEN & VULNERABLE. Fucking Christians.


I bought a Pikachu keychain from Walmart today. I’m feeling extra Satanic.


Y’all laughing and underrating the evilness of toys… try treading on a bit of Lego in bare feet, and see how that changes your perspective. :astonished:


You know, come to think of it, maybe the person who slipped that religious comic in my locker knew something I didn’t. :thinking:

After all, I may not have played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, but just take a look at where i’m spending my time, a forum populated by demon worshipers, Satanists, Luciferians, spirit lovers, and everything in between :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Try jacks? The kiddy caltrop of ages past.