Poke ruyon said that he only summoned a specific demon one time


in one of Poke ruyon’s hermetic hour show or the documantary that he made.
he said that he summoned a paticulary demon only once. he said one time is enough. as in saying the demon is dangerous
Do you know which demon that was? also could you tell me which of 72 demons are dangerous?
because i dont want accidents.


Hello. You are not Poke Ruyon. The more I do this, the more experiences I read, the more it has become abundantly clear that demons react differently to different people. Some are generally friendly it seems, but still may react badly to a few people, others are notoriously difficult or even dangerous, and yet to their favorite people come across as really helpful and friendly. So if Poke ruyon had a good/bad experience with a particular spirit, it does not mean that you will/won’t, simply because you are not Poke ruyon.


the good o’l mirror


Ahh, i’ve seen that as well, it was Belial, i know because he brought it up one night without me asking him about it. Also it fits his modus operandi for general first greetings. Well, some people just don’t get the joke, what can you do? :man_shrugging:

All can be dangerous just like all people can be, as @Jastiv said, can depend mostly on the individual’s own internal workings and preconceptions.

As it relates to which of the 72 are dangerous , I’d say all , simply be wise and approach cautiously .

Poke Runyon is not the be all end all of these things we do.
You’ll have to make your own assessments and figure out who and what you can trust on your own.

There is a video of him using an acolyte as a focus and he summons Vassago. You know everyones friend Vassago ? I read an article some time back in which a magician astrally projected to go see Vassago and against the wishes of his HGA. Upon entering the domain of Vassago he was hit with the secene of piles of half eaten human limbs and bones. Just a thought…!