Poke Runyon Real evocation?

Is this a real evocation live and recorded? - YouTube


mmm even the spirit that was summoned in the mirror?

Poke Runyon was quite big a few years ago: is he stii around and running the Temple of Astarte?

I believe Poke Runyon is no longer among the living.

He worked traditional grimoire magick and his books are pretty good.


Thanks DarkestKnight. That’s a real pity. The guy was a skilled magician and had an awesome sense of humour. It seems that as the great ones of the baby boomer generation pass, there’s no one of equal calibre (of both right and left hand paths) to take their place. EA is an exception of course: I really can’t think of any one else currently around who has taken on the same degree of creative and innovative leadership in the occult community. I’m not saying that to kiss arse: I genuinely can’t think of any one else. Please enlighten me if someone can think of anyone else who fits the bill.

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In my opinion, Jason Miller is on par with EA as far as creativity and innovation goes. His blending of Eastern techniques with Western style rituals is original, and his planetary magick is second to none.

Personally, I think he deserves to be more well known, but he doesn’t do the over the top marketing like BALG, and he doesn’t really classify himself as a “black magician that cavorts with demons” type so he’s less attractive to the edgelords and wannbe sorcerers who want to sell their souls to the devil and other silliness.

After EA, he’s my favourite occult author along with Lon Milo Duquette.


Where did you here that ?

i’m not sure, actually. I could have sworn that I had seen an obituary about him somewhere. I could be mistaken, though. A Google search turns up nothing :man_shrugging:

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I’m doing the Quariea https://www.quareia.com/ if you look at the amount of work and wisdom gone into that I would say Josephine McCarthy is numero uno…

What about the Chaos Magic guys like Phil Hine & Peter Carroll?


Poke is still alive, he’s getting quite old but still a very healthy and active magician. (Also I don’t doubt a part of his health comes from him being so close to Mount Shasta)


His “Elements of Spellcrafting” ought to be required reading imo.

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Asenath Mason. I have been particularly impressed with her work; books, articles, videos, founding of the Temple of Ascending Flame. And I especially appreciate her work with Lilith.


I failed to mention Michael W Ford. He’s the real deal!