What is the true meaning of this term? Has anyone done anything with this?

Here is a question. How can one tell if a Priest or Priestess is legit in the ATR’s? Like how can I, or any other Joe off the street tell some tell-tale signs of a legit vs a bogus Houngan or Mambo?

I have been looking into the Norse systems (Troth and Rune Guild) and I see a ton of positive and negative things said about them. Now entry to either of these is only $60 for a lifetime membership and access to their info, so it is not as bad as the stories I hear about someone paying thousands of dollars only to get swindled by a shady Houngan or Mambo.

I think it would be great if serious practitioners like The Eye, Jaysalome, and Serell gave us some tips. (unless these have already been discussed…then I apologize, I don’t frequent this part of the forum often)

I don’t like to say I’m going to accept something new ane energy-related/magickal, unless I know what’s in it for me, and indeed the entities/forces etc., that I’m engaging with - so may I ask please for a bit of context on this, what it brings and what it represents etc?

Sorry if my question’s really ignorant and I freely admit I’m not going to rush off and try this anyway, but this thought has been rattling round my head a bit since you posted.

Pointes-Chaude is defiantly an esoteric Voudon term. It does kinda show how physical or astral type initiation can be quite useful. Not so much as you can’t do things without, but that the teacher is able to see how certain energies are flowing based on experience and can help guide. Especially so when dealing with high energy elemental forces. Perhaps some initiations are similar to this concept.

I’d like to put in my own 2 cents here.
Firstly, both of you guys actually have good points. The Eye, ever since you started studying voodoo and going up for initiation, you have been a condescending fucker. I’m not gong to apologize for that. You really act like you’re suddenly better than everybody else and that their practices are automatically full of shit. Not just about people talking about voodoo, but once you even said about hoodoo that it was “fun while it lasted” as if it’s just some child’s toy. Not very respectful of other’s traditions is it?

Empyrean, you have to see that he’s advocating Haitian voodoo. Voodoo is an ATR, you will never get the secrets of secrets without initiation. To compare it to quimbanda, if somebody read Frisvold’s books on Exu and Pomba Gira they’d know a bit. But the fact remains that they don’t have license and a guiding Tatá. If you just read books on the subject of voodoo but don’t have a true papa, how the hell are you going to claim you’re actually practicing voodoo? It’s an initiatory religion that’s taught from teacher to student. Not everything is in books nor in what people who are initiated can tel you. They talk about some things, but with others they can’t without breaking oaths.

So yeah. I’m not really interested in getting into a debate with either of you. I’m not sure if my post will even make a difference, but there ya go.

Tl;dr: Stop bickering publicly, it’s annoying.

Well, as a bisexual Atlantian Rune Reader, with roots in Africa, I say…there is no harm in trying. If you want to get into Voodoo, the Runes, or any other system give it a good look. If the spirits like you they will find a way to get you through any initiation needed.