Pofessional Magician

Hello, I want to tell my first experience with a professional magician. She came to my house and instantly said there was a spirit inhabiting and my dad had a curse over and therefore I had beaten. Moments later it was owned by an entity called “Felipe,” she quickly went to my room and said a disembodied entity living in my closet and I was attracted by reading things about ghosts and horror books … the strange thing is that I said nothing about the demons that I have invoked on a sigil or draw on my wall, one of the kingdom of flames, and that made me doubt about her. Throughout the session I was reciting the enn of Asmodeus (a good friend of mine) and actually felt his energy behind me, well in order to not make a long story but this turned out we need to buy some materials and it would free us from the curse . I don´t know if I expected more from a professional magician or was because began to doubt that detected nothing of what I’ve done but will not comment if it is real or not until the release happens … keep you updated !.