Poems come so rarely these days

do you believe in the light
that falls from heaven like stars
that feeds the growing blight
while good people starve

do you believe in the dark
that rises up like a spring
that swims through like a shark
while you watch on the brink

do you believe in the space
that falls inbetween us
that whispers like love displaced
while we all learn to mistrust

do you believe in the truth
that you have only seen
that flashes above your lonely roof
while you huddle and keen

do you believe in the fall
that comes from disbelief
that ends in standing tall
while believers shake like leaves

do you believe in the ink
that scribbles your life in the margins
that teaches you how to think
while bliss is at a bargain


mighty King Belial
your confidence inspires me
and the black shades that you have
makes me always feel in awe

it is short but i wanted to write that =)


I have no idea what it means, but if Iā€™m reading it phonetic ally correctly, its beautiful

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Really nice.

And thus my reality will fill me endlessly.
Keep up the writing.
I personally love wordplay.