Poem to Selene

Goddess queen of silver light
her crown shining sterling bright
turn your fair face towards me
daylight’s gone
behold, your spell reigns supreme

She walks under the starry skies
shines upon the oceans vast
onward to depths
turning the tide
with your winged chariot
through the midnight blues you glide

Maiden of the moonlit dream
the shallows under shimmer and gleam
pearly horses followed by the shadows
hallowed be thy name
all-wise, horned Selene

  • Hawke

So a bit of a disclaimer: first, english is not my first language and I’m bad with words even in my native tongue, so apologies for any typos. Two, I suck at poetry but I decided to give it a try anyway, please don’t hate me :blue_heart: It was supposed to be for Phul but since I got a chunk of selenite I felt like I could get away with this. Big thanks to him for showing up when I called!

Constructive criticism is welcome