Poem to love

ok so i am a young fuck,but i love truly my soul mate and i know that she is my soulmate i wrote this poem for her,this can be used as a reconilation poem,not for lust,it should be used for soulmates and true love

“as now i am bleeding from pure love
love rages wild in my heart
i shall be reborn
we shall be recoline
so many emotions that have no word
just silance
my love has roots of hell and blossom to paradise
piercing through all realms
my primal force
we shall reconile
as i love truly
and heavens
and the highest gods,and angels and the demons of the deepest pits
know the truth of my hear
know that i die and sacrifice all to you
know that i destroy and create worlds for us
know that i shall build an empire for us
our temples of flesh shall connect
my soul recognizes yours
the deepest of pits of emotions for you i have
the deepest and powerfulest demons i call
the highest angels and gods
my truth
your soul knows my truth
we shall reconnect
our empire i build
the deepest pits of emotions i have
the highest heavens i decend
from the deepest pits i ascend
to meet you
my lovely soul we shall reconile
even that means die and be reborn 1000 times and more
because my heart knows
my soul knows
our empire shall be build
me and you lovely soul
the stars shall rearange for us
to reconlile
our empire shall be build for us lovely soul
for now let the rearanging begin”