Poem for Lilith

I wrote this prior to a two person ritual I did with Lilith. This was my first time experimenting with an altar. I cant exactly speak to the “success” of the ritual but it certainly worked to put me in contact with her.

This is pretty personal to me and my experiences that I’m not sure most would like to use it in their own practices, but still i feel the need to share. It is called “Pact with Lilith”

Ponder a while on war ravaged eyes,
Linger on the banks of her oceans of sorrow,
Two flames light this candle of ours,
To cut through the winding fog.

With saliva paint the Venusian landscape,
With rolling hills and crashing wave,
Crescent moon by red dawn,
Mourning, longing.

Bless us, this altar, Lilith,
Who by conquest and submission open to you,
A silver chalice, which yearns to be full,
Collecting rain from bleeding stars.

Feel my heart, encased in ice,
A heatless palm rested on my breast,
As seraphs smeared their cut hands
Across my face.

In storm visions I have seen you,
Your heels I place upon my shoulders
And shine the spikes that adorn you,
Whispering your conclealed color.

A marraige of black incidentation,
As flowers wilt the sun grows,
Blasting those with weak intention,
Followed by souls of pure thoughts.

She shines over us, in clear spirit light,
A valkyrie of our battle incestuous,
Holding a sword aloft, with blood on her lip,
Smirking a lovers triumph.

One rose blossoms on your finger
(A sanguine wine, sanguine wine),
And like that apple to eve,
I resist not temptation.

I hope you liked or found this useful.

Edit: Idk why the last verse is so large.


Very beautiful.

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I have a poem not as good, more of my relationship, feelings of my mother…words expression.

Born was I to my father the 1st beloved daughter, he who is everything. Cast in his mould sent forth blessed with undiluted free will. My father’s daughter. In the times when the tree was a seed, newly planted. Bound not by universal laws, free to roam, dance, laugh and be content.
Each day I watered the tree, cared for it, carved sigils in its bark to protect it, as any innocent would…little did I understand, as the tree grew so did my binding, obligation. The tree grew and grew untill it was uncontrollable.
"Daughter you have nurtered, protected, made the tree yours, it is yours to control. My gift. I have created man to dwell within in it. You are to be bound to him, you and the man will care for the tree!