Poem devotion to Lucifer

Poem devotion to Lucifer.

He who comes in the morning sharing his glorious light, however it is,
the sight, to behold is when he reveals his darkness at night.

I’ve never seen such a being, a paradox,
a angel, a god, a demon.

He is like the sea, he is both chaos and peace
he is the one who sets us free, for the mystery
is the lock and he is the key.

A being who’s majestic,
yet an evil abomination,
to many his light is angelic,
to many his light is the devils
hellfire burning the nation.

I know he is a force both loved and forsaken,
his knowledge is power and his fruit should
be partaken.

Father of infernal damnation,
he is the eldest of elders,
he who gave us hell as a heavenly

He who holds the torch and trident,
sat upon either his infernal or stellar throne
He who gave even the gods guidance,
even gods can’t be alone.

He who is darkness and light
ruling the demons cause,
for you won the fight,
before they could start the war.

Adored and worshiped, all over this corporeal plane,
they worship you everywhere,
just under one of your many names.

He in the shadows is the never extinguished flame,
it can warm and enlighten if that is his aim,
or his force can empower and or destroy you all the same.

Emperor he who drinks from fountains of the sun and Jupiter,
he who is both the savior and executioner,
the one many know and unknown
the one called Lucifer.


Reference to his Shiva mask?

Wonderful poem. As usual :black_heart:


Best rhythm around, hands down. Thank you.

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Beautiful poem. :slight_smile:

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