Podcast with Asbjorn Torvol

Did my first podcast today with @asbjorntorvol

Really enjoyed it brother, look forward to our next collaboration.


Listenin to it right now, really good stuff :+1:


I enjoyed the show! I must pick your brain sometime (if you allow me) in conversation regarding physiological changes via magick. Very cool stuff. I am a former strength athlete and am interested in learning more. Specifically, I was accused of using steroids over the course of my entire career as a power lifter (never even once have I doped my muscles, just my liver, lol), and I was the only one I was ever aware of in the gym in a trance state. I would love to hear your thoughts on this, whether or not it was magick in my approach and why. Cheers, and hope to see you on again.


Great stuff!


Congrats @C.Kendall ! You both made some good points and the debate on shapeshifting was a lot of fun to watch. Hope to see you do something like that again! Shoutout to @asbjorntorvol for having you on! This is why I love the occult community, and more specifically, the BALG community. Maybe an interview with EA is next? :slight_smile:


Thanks brother and who knows maybe.


I don’t usually watch long videos, but this was worth the investment of time! :smiley:

@C.Kendall Welsh magick is under-represented and was part of some of the books that fed my hunger for magick as a child, namely the Dark Is Rising sequence, written by a homesick Welsh woman no less! Anything on that in podcasts on your new channel would be ace. :thumbsup:

@asbjorntorvol - I want to dig into some of your thoughts on origins of spirits, concisely:

  • do you think animals could have given rise to some spirit forms before mankind evolved;

  • what do you see as the role of the beliefs of the many branches of humanity before homo sapiens (neanderthals being the most famous of course); and

  • do you, like my old man and also some Science of Mind/Law of Attraction teachers, also believe that embodied spirits, aka humans, are to some extent co-created by oneself?

They do come up when we discuss this at home, and while the question is resolved by the concept of a pre-existing Source which could manifest things into being prior to the advent of mankind (be that evolved or created/GMO’d into being), I had the impression you perhaps saw this differently?

Curious to get your thoughts on the matter if you have the time/inclination. :thumbsup:


Imma make a video just for this, as there is a lot to cover :smiley: