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Hello Everyone, so back when I use to use my old forum account @TaybienTheChaosGod I posted some videos on my channel. Now I have this account and I’ve rebranded my youtube channel to “The Magi”. I was thinking of getting back on youtube because its really fun and people say I have a nice appearance of sorts in my videos.
Also wanting to start a podcast, can be occult related and will be but I also want it to be more than that. I’m an author as well plus other things so I wanted to combine it all.
Now, why am I putting this on here? Well first I do want some feedback but also with the podcast, I want to interview people and themselves, occult in their life, stories, etc. Maybe even look at videos of criticism and comment on that. I think It’ll be fun, I’ll be posting links to my videos here! and if you’re Interested please comment and I’ll PM you or you can just PM me. Thank you so much!
The Magi
Occult Vid

Writing Vid

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