Pls,your thoughts on Gordon winterfields Demons of magick book and its process on evocation

Though I’ve not got my copy of E.A KOETINGs book on demonic evocations his videos and methods on evocation does not include Yaweh and Angel’s to restrain the demon being summoned as to Gordon winterfields, what’s your view on his methods and its effects or outcomes being on the left hand path?

Please use the search function. There are already a few threads talking about people’s experiences with that book.


This comes up now and then, the Solomonic ceremonial mages and those that think Solomonic methods are disrespectful and counter productive.

I summed up my response here, and I haven’t changed my mind yet. I won’t even use the LBRP, I feel that’s disrespectful to yourself, to treat yourself as a weakling that needs to give over the reins to entities to do the notveryheavylifting for you. How will you get stronger of you always lean on others instead of practicing?

The bottom line is they both work just fine, so “you pays your money you takes your choice”.