Pls Help!

I really need help in knowing what my grades are gonna be. I’m getting really anxious thinking bout and know them, altho they are going to out in 2days(don’t know yet but it’s sure I’ll get it by the end of 15th July IST).
Even tho they are gonna be declared I really wanna know so I canbe prepared for what’s coming.(I hope you get me)
So I was wondering if you tell me way I can know what my grades are? Or is it gonna be good? Or are the two days gonna be good for me? Literally anything related to my grades and how it’ll affect me will work.
I’m new to this occult and magic thingy and don’t have much stuff required for it so I was wondering if you could help me with figuring bout my marks and telling me how are my two days gonna be. If you don’t mind ofc.
Pls help