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I’ve read many articles on Astral Projection but nobody explained it better and in every end of the article they will say you to buy any product of them and say by this you could Astral project quick which make you believe that everything you read for free is worthless and you gotta had to empty your pockets to really Astral Project so I stopped searching methods on the Google…
So I came here to hope that if somebody could give in-depth detail on how to really Astral Project and what’s the science behind it so that I could understand it better…
I would be really grateful for you…

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What are you having difficulty understanding? What techniques have you tried?

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Well the thing is I fall asleep when I try to Astral Travel

Could you tell any technique that guarantee Astral Projection

What specific method are you using though?

Falling asleep can mean a few different things, including but not limited to carrying sleep debt (make sure you are well-rested beforehand) as well as being too comfortable (don’t practice while laying in bed where you normally sleep, instead do it leaning up at an angle or in a hardback chair).

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I just lie down and focus on the back of eyelids

Try it sitting up in a hardbacked chair. You want just enough discomfort to keep your mind awake while your body falls asleep. It helps if you can visualize yourself climbing down a ladder, floating downwards like a leaf on the wind, or any other scenario that involves generating a falling sensation to induce trance.


I mean could you make me understand it better I mean breakdown the process in steps…

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Lay down or sit up in a chair.
Close your eyes.
Stretch before doing it to relax your muscles.
Focus on the back of your eyelids.
Pick one spot behind your eyelids.
And stare at it for as long as it takes.
You may see faces. Ignore them.
Forget your thoughts.
You may hear things, ignore them.
Just focus on that one spot.
Your body will start to vibrate at a certain point.
Keep focusing on that one spot behind the eyelids.
It may be scary or exciting to start with.
Keep your focus.
Your eyes may roll back in your head.
This is fine, let it be that way.
Keep focusing.
Don’t move your body let it fall asleep.
Eventually you will project
The vibrations will push you out.
By focusing you keep your mind awake, while the body falls asleep.


Can I try this without any muscle relaxing stuff

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Thank you
Its so simple and those websites are making it so complex

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There’s different ways and techniques. Everybody is different. What works for some doesnt work for others.

You can do it without relaxing your muscles, I find it helps but is not needed. Give it time and practice when you can.

Took me awhile to learn, once you do project, you will understand the mechanics of it.


Astral projection from the waking state can be pretty difficult, especially for a beginner. Personally I’d recommend trying it from the hypnagogic or dream state as it tends to be a lot easier:

When you wake up in the middle of the night, don’t move a muscle. Stay completely relaxed and then imagine yourself rocking from side to side. Continue this and you’ll be able to easily roll out of body if you get some momentum going. The key is focused intention while remaining relaxed and not physically moving at all.

If that doesn’t work, get lucid in a dream (easiest way to do this is the Wake Back to Bed method). Once you’re aware that you’re dreaming, cross your arms over your chest and fall backwards with the intention of coming out of body, and the falling sensation will rapidly pull you out.

Good luck! :rocket:

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Do you have a totem (a symbolic representation in an animal)? What finally cracked the code for me was shapeshifting. It was easier to send myself out as a little cat, and then go back to human form once I was sure I was out of my body.

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Well I like Lion

And in birds I like Eagle

If you fall asleep, try not to lie down. Try a different position, like being seated in a meditative posture. Also, try doing it in the morning, or some other time when you are not tired.

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Are you propense to dream paralysis? if you have had dream paralysis some times, then there is an easy technique you can trigger the paralysis by sleeping less than normal, maybe staying awake some nights, so you lack hours or REM dreaming, after skipping some days sleeping (maybe not consecutive nights) your body can try to enter REM state by force so it produces you the Paralysis but your mind is not yet on REM, so when you feel your body paralyzed you can still fell yourself moving with your astral body, in this state simply press your astral arms to the bed and stand up and walk.
is the simplier way
now if you are not propense to sleep paralysis then there are techniques search for Ryan Cropper videos on youtube on astral proyections I believe his techniques can work fine for you, if you understand the principle of his techniques you can work on your own procedure that fits you better.

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