Please Tell Me I'm Not the Only One

Hey everybody, Sev here, with something to tell you.

I am, by nature, a hunter. Vampirism and Nidhogg have made me a veritable death engine, as I take lifeforce from hundreds (if not thousands) of humans weekly and apply it in my internal work and spellcraft.

I also have altered my energetic body, to the point where I quite literally generate death essence. How it works is beyond me, but what I know is that I can call DE from my body and it’ll appear from the inside. I haven’t suffered any negative health effects of this, and I’m able to direct it. Is this regular?

Also, let’s talk spirits. When I work with them, and I’ve only worked with about a dozen so far, very few try to get payment or an offering out of me. Actually, only two- Raphael demanded an offering of energy, and whenever I get excess lifeforce I give it to Nidhogg because it gives me a headache. I’m not sure what the spirits want as offerings/payment, and it’s hardly ever requested of me. Is this normal?

Bonus: Take it from experience, visualizations (even accidental, even visions) are very, VERY powerful. I’ve had a veritable ton of magickal mishaps because of my mind wandering.

It’s evidently regular for you, and don’t forget humans aren’t generic things that come from the same mold, like little plastic GI Joes and Barbies - we all bring a wealth of genetic, ancestral, spiritual inheritances and stuff to this life, and I know this opens up some weird possibilities but I don’t think just because someone’s “human” they automatically have a human soul, i.e., a thing derived from primate ancestors.

If it works for you, keep working it - I have weird stuff myself that doesn’t appear in any other soruce and I just figure it’s the way I am, and if it’s making you strong, powerful, and not messing with your everyday life, then it’s probably the way you’re made.

I'm not sure what the spirits want as offerings/payment, and it's hardly ever requested of me. Is this normal?

Yes, sometimes they want something, sometimes they don’t - they’re usually not shy about stepping forwards when they do!!

As always, amazing response Lady E! The real reason behind that post in it’s entirety was to make sure I’m not going batty, and to make sure I’m not astrally committing suicide by accident.

I can generate death essence, I’ll tell you right now that whatever your doing isn’t the same thing I am though as in my case my method of creating it something I went out of my way to engineer, whearas in your case it appears at least to be happening naturally.

As your well aware I can hunt but I only do so when either its nessecery, or something too good to pass up comes my way. I’m essentially an energetic ominivore as I can get energy other ways too.

I can get energy from wherever I please. I just prefer humans, because they are so… interesting. They are a diverse food source.