Please suggest a surefire sex/love spell for beginners

Does anyone know of a surefire sex spell with few ingredients that will work instantly for a beginner? The only reason I create a new topic is because the already posted material I have accessed hasn’t worked for me. I’m a 20 yr old straight virgin guy if that helps you decide which is best. Much gratitude

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Surefire way? Well… I don’t think there is a one surefire way. Magick takes practice and time. Yes magick can be successful, but it’s dependable on different variables. Like your intent, the situation, etc - and magick tends to follow the path of least resistance. All this will affect your success. However yes, even as a beginner you can be successful - but also being realistic about your goals.

Please use the :mag_right: button on the forum. We litterly have a whole section dedicated for this, and you can search terms like “love spells”, “love spirits”, “lust”, “lust spirits”…etc etc etc.

Just to help… If what your after is purely lustful (like sex) then spirits like Lilith, Sitri, Asmodeus, Etc etc can help.

If your after more so love, or relationship then spirits like Lilith, Aphrodite, Frejya (?), Etc can help.

If you don’t want to work with spirits… Then googling things like jar spells (there’s one’s for love and lust intended results I believe), lust and love spells will help.


You can start calling around your city for some extras. it requires a phone.

You definitely nailed it. Surefire doesn’t even exist for experienced magicians.


That is very helpful. Thank you! I will note I have looked at the old topics already, but I do like your suggestions more

Nice! Try search the Internet for a love knot spell. It’s a special knot the length of the cords it’s about 60 cm, red or green colour and it includes ingredients like Rose petals :rose: Apple :green_apple: Rosemary :herb: and honey :honey_pot:

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