Please someone anyone help

I’ve had multiple peptic ulcers at the age of 22, I’ll soon be taking a test to discard the possibility of cancer and I haven’t been able to sleep all night (5am) bc I’ve spent the whole night puking, can someone please help me out in any way they can, Im trying to contact Raphael but I have no developed Astral senses
Please someone help, idk what I can do for you but I’ll make sure help you back in return if I can


How about now?

What I mean to say is that I did my first attempt to alleviate an ailment via astral travel.

I tried to place one hand in your mind and my other in your stomach. I repeated the words “stay calm, you’ll be ok” while going “green mile” with any negative energy in your stomach with my other hand.

I did an LBRP in your bathroom, and spun your chakras as well.

I hope I was successful and I hope you get to feeling better soon.


Once again, I will share this:

Try it.


Hey, sounds rough, Ive gone through such.
Me personally my biology wether I show it or not I get high stress and with that comes ulcers. I used to have them consistently. The one thing that helped me alot , was exercising . Might not have been the answer you were looking for but it helps with the stress chemicals in your body and ulcers are a lot more, I can eat much better, and being sick 3x a week or so , dosent happen anymore. Just my 2 cents and my personal experience if you can gain from it. I know, Yeah it sucks … Hope for you the best.

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Thanks mate, didn’t feel you but I do feel better today, I’m gonna take some meds just to be safe tho

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Well,I wasn’t expecting miracles per say. Lol

Though I’m glad to hear that the nausea has subsided.

Dark blessings unto you.

So mote it be.

Research mastic gum, and meanwhile try drinking black tea (no sugar, milk, definitely no agave, stevia, or other sweeteners) - make it very weak to begin with if it’s too bitter for you.

Read this:


will do, thank you