Please share your experiences


Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m really new (And young, still in high school), but I generally never really believed in magic (I believe in the existence of other ‘supernatural’ entities, but not really the idea of magic), can you guys explain some of your spells, share some of your experiences and how they affected your lives?
thank you in advance


Please make an introductory post - it’s a forum rule.

And, we already did: This info is littered all over this forum… maybe you could take the time to find out what’s available here and read around before asking people to spoon feed you and repeat themselves.


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already did thanks anyway


Cool! Here’s a tip: Try typing ‘hail lucifer’ or ‘thanking’ in the search box. You’ll get all the threads thanking the spirits for their help.

Especially this one:


There is also this thread too.
I just typed in Success, so the search feature here is very good and necroposting is encouraged here.


thank you