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I think i have started badly.
If i come to the internet, specifically to forums like this one, there is a reason and sure it is not bring troubles or speaking a bunch of bullshit.
I cannot do much to the fact that yes, there is a spirit with me 24/7 and kind of " owns " me, which so far i have come to realize that most people don’t find it to be normal for a spirit to " own " someone. I cannot do much to the fact that sometimes that spirit does control me, hence writing through me, making my body move in ways i dont really want or say stuff i dont really want, even though it only made me do that once, speak out loud something i wasn’t even thinking about. How could i prove it to be truth ? I guess i can’t
That is why i am here, because i came here for help, i dont know everything and if i know a lot more it is because of this spirit, but i can’t be 100% sure that everything it says to me is right so i try and get other peoeple opinions…Which seem to find all my situation a bit untrustful…so it only makes me think that indeed my situation is not really normal. Why is it not normal ? I dont know, but if it is indeed for the reasons this spirit tells me, then yes, it makes sense…but if it is not then i would like to know! I am a novice after all… I started aknowledging all this 1 year ago. Before i didn’t even believe in spirits that much! I kind of believed because since a child i always had some sort of contact with them, ended up seeing ghosts a couple of times and other times just " strange " stuff would happen around me.
Then last year i make this ritual and since then…it has been like a blooming of events and things i am still to understand fully!
I am writing all this on my own as i guess she is a bit inactive or at least right now i dont feel her much but i think she’s somewhere around me…
She’s getting a bit mad at me for writing this down but i really need to, because i need you all to see that i started it all bad in here and i want you to forgive me, i need help understanding some stuff and i deeply believe that in here are some able persons that probably can make me learn some stuff. I am sorry for all the went on…and i hope that it continues, but moderate…i already flipped out with her because she cant do this…it is ok.lol.she’s flippin out right now, couldn’t care less…i iwant to write thiS!
I got mad at her for doing this, for controlling me and doing things through me…and she was like…ok…i will slow it down… i wont be soo rough…and i thanked her…and i hope its for real! I treaten her all the time that i will banish, but i will never do and she knows it, because she is everything i ever wanted and above that, there’s the deal…i can’t fail on that deal or it is as good as my death. It is a blood pact.
It is not for being afraid that i dont want to quit, it is because i really want this and i dont know how to make you all understand such…since most share the opinion that what i am doing is wrong…
I do know though that a lot of the stuff she says to me is right, is true.
So i also know that even though sometimes i may post bullshit in here coming from her, i have seen replies and other posts in where loads of bullshit lay around…what i am trying to say is that, i am not the only one who says just the truth and has to say something more above the truth…conclusions, thoughts…whatever…
I do believe that everything she says regarding me makes a lot of sense and i deeply know that it is so righteous, one of the things that really makes me wanna do this is that, the fact that , i am meant to do this. I am sorry all and i hope that from now on, we can get along better…and speak better.

When ever an entity refers to you as it’s slut or slave, maybe it’s not the heathiest of relationships…

What if i like being one ?

I’ve already made my opinion on this quite clear, I trust the beings I am allied with more then anyone I know on the internet and certainly more then the entity that is attached to you. And they say your fucking screwed. It’s my policy to only help those who are willing to help themselves. And as you said you pretty much begged these beings to make you their bitch, not even fluffycatz did something that in my opinion flies in the face of common sense that hard, so if you have second thoughts now well you got what you paid for right?

But if you do want out, I may be willing to help. Not for free though. One important lesson I learned recently is there should be exchange for services when using the occult. So you’ll have to give me something in return if thats what you decide to do. In any case I plan to meet your freind sometime in the next few days I am a bit curious about her given the imagery I got. I do like things that have fangs afterall, but as a lesson I don’t like them so much that I will walk into their mouth with a cake. Best to leave the cake on the doorstep if you survive to try this again next time.

As far as I know you haven’t offended me, and even if you have, you’re forgiven.

Love and well wishes,

James Del Fuego

lol they have the cake and the cream on their mouths…
but in return i have me like i have never had…
knowing that i have a meaning, a purpose
it could’ve been something given to me, forced…
but i would accept it with arms wide open, because i love it.
It has been part of me my whole life…
I just needed some spiritual help to see it better :wink:
Once i saw it, for me there is no turning back.
I even sealed it with a deal! why…its not like i didn’t know what i was doing, my whole life was built for that moment. One thing i have noticed, few people have worked with Lilith, even fewer know who she really is or what she is…and what she is able of…
It seems also that for most it is hard to contact her, summoning, evoking, invoking…whatever…
I didn’t try to hard O_O
She came to me…
Spoke with me
Told me what to do…
and that was it.
I wish i could find a better word to express but i am afraid it does not exist but, fulfillment can do, along with beautiful, integrity, dream and some other words, i think it must’ve combine all those words to be expressed and even more…that is what i feel, since it started ringing in my head.
And it started way before i did any ritual, mostly it was after i met BDSM many years ago…i knew that being submissive was part of me and something that belonged to me since ever and forever, i started studying it along with my origins and somehow i had this feeling of a connection between me and arabic culture and the phoenicians…as i searched and researched for what were my origins my submissive side always reached a bit further to the top, until i reached a symbol related with all that…
wence i started researching about that symbol that is when it all started O_o

There is no such thing as a “well adjusted” slave.

Mode, hush…If I had a collar around your neck, and didn’t make it too tight, then it is “well adjusted”! Don’t you have some movies to go make? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point Sinata, as long as your able to stay conscious enough to be submissive the collar would be “just right”.

I think a more fitting phrase given the subject of this thread would be “Theres no such thing as a little crazy or a small crack problem”.

Idk, Timothy may change it, he did re-title the other one “Dead Horse”…

I thought Fluffy did that when she changed her user name to Mode_439 oops I meant “Not Here Anymore” damn autocorrect.

Ahahahaha…oh man…I can see a correlation there…

That still wouldn’t make it healthy.

Trolling made easy?

I think so,

I will not feed you op, if you are hungry you can eat a bag of dicks.

One thing i have noticed, few people have worked with Lilith, even fewer know who she really is or what she is..and what she is able of.. It seems also that for most it is hard to contact her, summoning, evoking, invoking..whatever..

The good old JOS …

My new policy on trolls over here is that I’m going to be using them for target practice.

A Magic target ? Go ahead, i dare you.

The internet is serious business! Usually I would be more sympathetic to a noob getting blasted for being wrong on the internet as I’ve had people try to do this to me in the past. But as I said before I only help those who try help themselves. So feel free to knock yourselves out. I’ll just sit on the side lines and post questionable pictures of ponies while you guys fight it out. The winner will get a pet pony and some crayons.


Are you there Lord? It’s me TWF, please let this play out like I hope it will.

. I cannot do much to the fact that sometimes that spirit does control me, hence writing through me, making my body move in ways i dont really want or say stuff i dont really want, ...

It’s interesting to see that a supposedly prehistoric goddess and powerful demoness still can’t get you to construct grammatically correct and sensible English even when she’s allegedly controlling every word you write.