Please read this important

So I’ve been debating on posting this or not cause I wasn’t sure what this was a dream or vision or just some where in the astro world it freaked me out seeing what I saw…

I was running around an institution the walls were all white every one I passed was wereing all white it was weird
I was running around looking for my kids yelling and screaming their names but I couldn’t get to them for the life of me
I keep looking walking through hallways that might have took hours to get through if I walked through them n still nothing
I had finally realized this place was a religious prison for people who are bonded to demons and had children by them
The would ‘excersis’ the baby killing it in the process trying to get the demon half out
They were also severing ties from the demon and human counter part leaving the human counter part in a state of voidisum depression
I had stopped to see one girl who had a baby girl with her really extremely beautiful daughter not even a few days old
Beautiful long hair that was braided up to cover a horn
The mother was served from the father but refused to give up calling to him or reform to their ways and they killed her in front of me
I ran like hell although I don’t think they even notice me their since most just ignored me…

This by far was the most freakiest thing I’ve seen so far and thinking about it makes me feel like crying… I really hope there aren’t places like this that exsist it’s a pretty scary though being tooken away from every one you love and being kept to be a guinea pig


Let’s hope for a symbolic value
instead it being a real place.

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If it was a dream i think it shows the affection and love towards your child in real life

I could be wrong, but my feeling is you have a seed of fear about your astral pregnancy and something parasitic has noticed that and is stoking that fear to get you to feed it more.


I completely agree with @Mulberry

No fear this was a dream before the action actually It freaked me out and I can’t stop thinking about it so it’s why I post it and I dont think a parasite since well I do alot of purification and cleansing on a by weekly basis

I love the hell out of my kids is probably rampage if anything happens to them you know

Idk what symbolism is for capturing women and children trying to confirm them into their ways I can’t think of why I had this dream or what it it means since I’m well known to have extremely crazy dreams and weird visions