Please one clear answer!

Who are the :

Nine gatekeepers?

Nine demonic kings?

The four watchowers?

And what is the difference between each of those types?:thinking:

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No idea, Hoping E.A. will clear that up some time this year.

The First two are entities you can summon and work with for a goal, the other is an opening ritual one can use before any other magical operation.


:laughing:i love when old suspicions get confirmation through outside resources.:joy:

Calling The Watchtowers By Their ANGELS

From watchtower article

“B.You can call the Watchtowers by their Angelic Administrators. Each direction has a specific Archangel that relates to that position.
East is Raphael. South is Michael. West is Gabriel. North is Uriel.
Here it is again:
East = Raphael
South = Michael
West = Gabriel
North = Uriel
If you’re adept at evocation, you can easily evoke these archangels in their places before performing any ritual, and you’ll see how much more powerful your rituals become when they are carried into the world by these beings of Divine Providence.”

Part of the Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram and their invoking counter parts, built right into the ritual.
Edit. Also contains an element of the 4 elements angle as each angel is structured wielding an elemental tool. Sword of fire, Caduseus of air,chalice of water and either a pentacle of earth or a shaft of wheat.


I can say from experience this combination of angelic and elemental forces does of a potent effect on rituals as a whole. As its purpose from my understanding is to Invoke the higher vibrations of each element after banishing via the pentagram and creating a VACUUM you need to fill lest it be filled for you. As a wise man once said “when you banish you must invoke” -uncle birch :grin:

Alot of what we do involves creating spiritual vacuums which we can then fill with what we desire to manifest. Which is way alot of older systems have this as part of daily ritual routine so you can progressivly raise your vibration.

. This was part of my ritual operations before i started using the format from black magic of arhiman.