Please Magicians, do something against it!

(The link for the bill is in the describtion!)

#AMERICANS, watch your asses! Your damn laws look more and more like european!?


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The actual odd if this going throw the whole process is slim to none, if you look into how many laws get reject vs passed its a really small number.

Never get law info from the media their goal is to misdirect and influence, i stick to the site (cant remember the site address for the live of me atm) that tracks all the votes times and what laws have and have not been enacted as law.

Had to go through this with my girlfriend over a media overposed bills that never got passed but people and her where still going nuts when similar bills are proposed every year i found out but never pass.


Hopefully, but have you watched the video from the MAC ?
They just need a few votes, and thats it.

Thats also interesting:

Nope, if i hear rumors of new laws its from friends or groups i follow for articles. But i always check the necessary sites to find out if it is even gonna make it through the 1st part of the process.

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:smiley: Hopefully! :pray:

There is heinous stuff going on everyday in thousands of places, as if yet i have not the power in any pragmatic sense to change this,yet. But i try to do what i can in my own town and for the people in my life. Within reason.

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First: i don’t believe to have the skill to generate coincidences, enough to slow down the process.
So there would be more time for trying to get in their heads.

Second: If multible poeple are working on it, it would be -unquestionable, done with a much greater chance of success.

That would be the first issue in getting that far. You don’t believe in yourself​.


yeah, MA is completely out of their bloody mind. I am far too lazy to fact check it this early in the day, but it sounds like some kind of feel good bullshit they would pass. Lol, new gun legislation while they militarize the police and make their uniforms look even more like they are about to invade Poland. Security theater.