Please join me

Please help to stop the fire that is destroying the Amazon Rain forest as we speak…
I believe everyone of us has the ability to help in this situation and most of all everyone on here has the responsibility to do so!!

We are all at fault for global warming and should all try and help make things right…
It pains me to see that these innocent animals and nature in general have to pay for our mistakes and choices… this isn’t fair and we should all do something about it !!!

We as witches ( of any path/ religion) should stand together to protect our earth … please join me brothers and sisters tonight to send an enormous amount of energy to make it Rain and to stop the devastating fire…

Together we can easly do this, so please join me in making this happen today/tonight. Doesn’t matter what time zone that ur in, please find Some time today to send ur energy and intent towards the Amazon … together we can end this fire today … with enough of us, our energy Will be unstoppable … even ask ur deity’s/ entities that your working with for help if you need to.

i Have already done my Rain ritual this evening and i hope many of you Will join me in doing so … Let’s save those animals and by doing so, Let’s start saving this planet !!!
If not for nature, please do it for the animals that reside there …

I know this isn’t a usual topic on this site, but please join me in this.


That’s the exact opposite of my mood atm but I’ll try to do something tonight, hope it helps. I agree with everything you said. I’m sure many are trying to help as well. Good luck


I’m not a weather magi, any suggestions on what the non-weather folks could contribute?
(my expertise is wealth and pettiness, but I am 100% sure those won’t move a single cloud)


Im in.


Hmm , good question.
Maybe try meditation to send ur intent out there to maybe keep the forest and animals safe ? ( instead of actually going for the Rain, like a protective shield against the fire )?

:butterfly::butterfly: anything Will help , thank u !


Eh, fair enough. Won’t guarantee no weird side effects, tho.


Any contribution would be appreciated in this case… even simple visualization would help. No need for complicated rituals if it’s not possible.

I don’t know the situation there, not following the news lately… but if needed we could create a working group for it.


The only real physical evidence for our impact on global warming is the melting of the polar ice caps in the North pole. This affects sea levels and has nothing to do with forest fires. The deliberate act of setting a fire to clear a way for land development is a direct act, not one by proxy. Feeling a - quite frankly - nonsensical spout of guilt, and attempting to foist that guilt onto others like some infectious parasite is rather retarded and quite nefarious, as it has nothing to do with you or any of us as individuals.

With this in mind, I get the feeling you are using this event to “score community points” and renown (virtue signal).


I don’t want to get political here but I will try to make something happen that makes something happen that will involve external help with wiping out the fires :slight_smile: (when I can’t make it rain naturally then maybe artificial helps as much,lel).


Maybe this fire wasn’t caused by global warming , but other Fires can be …
and i don’t care if this fire wasn’t started by global warming… i still want it stopped …-_-

We definetly are at fault for this… all of us … all humans are polluting this earth… im not retarted for speaking that truth and seeing that…

If u feel different then just don’t read this post and go on your way… u have a right of ur opinion. But this is happening … even if u try to sweep it under the rug … global warming is destroying our earth as we know it.

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Thank u !! :butterfly::butterfly:

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No matter the causes/circumstances (because if we try to explore it it WILL get political, which is against the forum rules): it gives us a good chance to practice, in my opinion.


I assume if everyone worked on legit simple manifestation for the same goal it’ll pool that energy to manifest that outcome, don’t really need a practice of working with the weather or anything just a simple pool of a single goal to manifest that path.


Yes … i just want Some help to stop this fire …
i don’t want this to turn politica either … that isn’t the reason i started this post…

The reason i posted this is to ask for help in this community. Everyone is Free to help or not help. Its tour own choice :butterfly:


Yes, all of our energies can easly stop this if we work together :butterfly::purple_heart:


So you have just exposed yourself as someone who was being deceptive from the start. This comes from your admittance that it was not caused by global warming even though you state that it was right from the outset. You run with this falsity to try and coerce others into acting because you have set the presupposition that everyone is at fault for this specific occurrence.

No I do not and nor do you, or anyone else for that matter.

Stop deflecting. The issue I have is that you created a post for a specific event claiming global warming was at fault - and by implication - everyone was at fault, for this specific instance (which by surface-level research and your own admission turned out to be false).

Had you made a general post about forest fires and not a specific event in which the cause you stating was false I would have no issue. The issue here is either deception or lack of proper research. Which one is it?


Its still humans at fault here -_-
Humans are the cause of destroying nature
Humans are the cause of this happening
And humans are the cause of global warming !!

I Said i didnt know … that it could have been set on fire … i don’t know… either way its stil humans their fault … if it was global warming in general, or someone setting it on fire … it is humans that are doing this to the planet …

If u think that u have no right to ur own opinion, then why react on my post in the first place ‘ sharing ur opinion about my post’. -_-

I didn’t try to coarse anyone into helping … i only asked for help … to please join me… i have already stated multiple times now that u can do what u want and that u don’t have to…

Please just don’t try to make a problem out of a post trying to save nature … just trying to stop this fire and help those innocent animals … you don’t ‘have’ to read my post or agree with it… just go on Reading different Posts.

Thank u for ur opinion

How about we all calm down for a bit before someone has to close yet another “Fire in the rain forest sucks sweaty balls” thread? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Its burning harder then amazons here.

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