Please help

Okay, so here’s the situation.

The father of my oldest children has taken custody of my children claiming I medically abuse them. They have disorders stemming from the physical and sexual assaults HE perpetrated on them, but he manipulated the courts into believing I’m doing it myself. Why would I ever?

This man truly needs to die. And the faster the better. He has hurt my children, they now live in exile and fear. The legal system has been involved for almost 9 years now, at the cost over of $85,000 in the last 4 years to me, and cannot or WILL not protect these children. This needs dark magick. But I need assistance in the BEST way to proceed. Searching threads leads to a lot of contradiction or information that isn’t full, and that’s what leads to danger for the caster.

I cannot get his DNA, although I have tried. But pictures and such are no problem to come by. I am literally begging for help at this point. He needs to go, so my children can stop living in terrror.

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Call on lilith and namaah for guidance. Also Asmodeus and haurus* I think that is how her name is spelled. Both are excellent daemons for war and baneful magick. Those four are also extremely protective of children and abused women.

Also look into C.Kendall as he has done excellent curses on vile humans.

I’m not too sure about death curses or cursing in general as i have too sympathetic nature to cast them properly. But I’ll keep my eye open and bookmark your thread so I can help out when I can.

Also @Lady_Eva may have more info on this in particular. Seeing as this man shows pedophilia inclinations and has sexually molested these children im sure there is a specific daemon that can help that I am not seeing right now.



I would work with Belial if i were you. I also suggest that you tell the court that you want your kids to attend therapy. Why do I suggest therapy for the kids? The therapist will document everything the kids tell her or him and those files can be subpoenaed by the court. A therapist will be able to see signs and symptoms in your children if they are being abused. They are mandated reporters and will open an investigation and remove the children ASAP.

You need to protect yourself as well. Work with Belial and any other daemon or spirit you have a relationship with. But, I also suggest that you attend therapy, parenting classes, family therapy with your kids, etc. You want to demonstrate to the courts you are a good parent and you are willing to do anything to get your kids back. They want PROOF you are mentally stable and competent to have your kids. I worked with the courts for a very long time. I tell you this from experience. I have seen and heard it all.

The courts have heard. They do not care. Hence the desperation.

There are a lot of lies and manipulation going on for people desperately trying to save their own asses at this point.

Thank you guys, any info is so greatly appreciated

I would definitely use Belial. I tell you this because he helped me. If you need more help ask for the assistance of Lucifer or Amaymon. You know what worked for me? When I did my spells… I had lots of anger and hatred. It was a very dark period for me. You want to put All of that into your work :100: . Just make sure you are physically and mentally stable. It can take a toll on you.

You will be fine.

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