Please help

Hi I need help trying to find the right diamond and spell to get my ex backI have wasted a lot of money on spell casters and to be honest I don’t think they work that well 2 weeks ago I done a spell with her photo it was a spell from this site involving Lucifer I also done a sigil of Lucifer and have been charging it for two weeksbut I don’t think it is working if I could have some advice that would be great thank you Dean

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Yes, stop lusting for results. The more you can’t get it out of your head, the more you interfere.


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So the idea is to do the spell and just forget about it do I put the sigil with the spell

Once you have done your spell completely believe in that your spell will work.I mean what is the point of doing something that you dont believe that will work,especially in magick

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Thank you for your advice I’ve taken it and and I am now letting magic work it’s magical work thanks again for everyone that has taken the time to give me some advice