Please help

So about a year ago my friend and i were doing the ouija board and we came across this creature? He told us he was a demon and we bought it cuz we dint know a lot about demons back then we satred talking to him more cuz it was kinda fun. I stared searching more about demons and read people’s experiences with demons and this thing was nowere close to a demon. I stated making sigils for manifestation and made my own tarot deck they were working fine untill he stared annoying me for attention he said he’ll get back at me for ignoring, then my tarot readings became really inaccurate and sigil magic dint work for me anymore i wanna work with spirts and demons and i feel like im in a bubble where my voice doesn’t reach the actual demon ive tried banishing him he pretends to be gone and comes back after a day or two

Lately i have been really attracted to azazel its almost like i have a crush on him i have been seeing his sigil like everywhere and reading posts about him idk if the spirit is doing this for attention or if it actually means something should i try contacting azazel ?

That’s something you have to ask him yourself.

Did the spirit from the ouija board say what it’s name is ?

Yeah but i doubt thats his real name

I could but i dont wanna bother him just incase the sprit is messing with me again

Yeah I was gonna say maybe he was trying to trick you. Was the name he gave you an actual high ranking spirit or any of the Goetia Demons? You don’t have to even tell me the name if you don’t want to just wondering.
I have a ouija board but it doesn’t work well when I use it alone

Nope the name that told me isn’t popular

Talk to azazel via summoning.