Please help

I am in trouble with some spirits, I apologized but they won’t accept my apology, they don’t let me sleep because they communicate with me telepathically, because of this I’m exhausted I know they want me dead it’s on purpose they don’t let me sleep help.

They aren’t lesser spirits, right? Because especially in that case it would’ve been possible to contact Flauros… The second idea occurring to me is to try with Archangel Michael.

No unfortunately they are not lesser spirits, it’s a high ranking one I don’t know what to do.

Aside from other options (Marchosias, who is said to fight for the evocator, or Goddess Kali) If apologizing didn’t suffice, give an offering. For example, burn incense after or while addressing the spirit and stating such intention.

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I sent you a PM. If you want to do this

may be give them offering and ask them to respectfully leave you alone.?

offering plays a great part as ive experienced it first hand.

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I don’t think it will work, they are angry

Try some banishing

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may be they are angry because u FORGOT the offering. maybe u have asked of them something in the past . may be u attracted them inadvertently in any of your ritual.

if ur so troubled by them … rather than saying “i dont think it will work” why dont u give it your all … and make the offering?

BTW this is ur first post . u have to introduce yourself in the introduction. rules of the forum.

Ok I will try thank you

Did you try any sort of banish?

Also, do you know which spirit is this?

Also, also, introduce yourself.