Please help with information

Hi, I’m having so much trouble trying to reach out with Azazel,I’m new to my Godliness, i’d love to know about scrying!!!-if there are any teacher’s out there please contact me

Some post-comments I wrote in the past on this forum, linked below, both a person asked for advice, as well as getting an “Entity” to advise/help… I think is the same process-issue (thus recent posts I wrote about this)…

I’m not sure if you did search in this forum- by keywords on this, or found certain post-authors, and browsed other comments/‘articles’ they’ve made (ie click on the “username” on left of screen- then “posts”… shows specific by that person, vs via subject-categories)…

[below are comments I posted, not to imply my writings are the ones to read, just that is what I know- if I knew of better, I'd have written that :)..   just earlier today I wrote another msg, also referencing how posts appear and then fade into history, and questions are asked again- re: foundation fundamentals] -just my two-cents


in ref to the issue of contact-methodology… custom, vs “std”… actual known?

possible- context issue:

I hope this might help some, and if you are Seeking something entirely different, I regret not understanding that from your question-post. luck

[who do you listen to? what is actually resulting from certain Process-steps? -what to do, how that fits and affects all of you- short&long-term] -cheers

off-topic, and yet in its context-transferred re:Testing small “tweaks” (basedupon a System- clear, repeatable steps)
Dream Job: Little Tests, Big Career Wins
in this and the above- I could draw out many steps, yet requires seeing what we ‘already-know’ in a new way (blindspots in Practice- development)

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