Please help to reach Lotir

Hello everybody.
I need help to reach Lotir.

Are there advices you can give me?
Is a black candle okay for the work with her and how would you organize the evocation?

I need a contact and some help of you.

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What is the etymology? Are there any hymns written? Stories from other warlocks? Does the name remind you of anyone? When you think of Lotir are there any sounds, feelings, images, and etc?

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I don’t know about the etymology of Lotir but she stands in the Grimoire Kingdoms of Flames.

I want to hear her and have no “recept” how to get a real contact.

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Lotir is the Grand Angel ruling over the Kingdom of the Red Flame, and rules over True Love, so you would probably be better served with either a red or a white candle, rather than black.

To contact her, open her sigil and call her. If you don’t know how to open a sigil, this newsletter explains how:

If you want to follow the tradition of Kingdoms of Flame, then you would open the square of the Kingdom first, and then the spirit of the sigil. Otherwise, just is sigil is fine.


Just stare at her sigil until it starts flashing. Then tell her what you want.

Unless your astral senses are extremely well developed it’s unlikely that you’d hear Lotir during the evocation.

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I have one problem:

Some times I called an entity I heared inside me the voice and sometimes not. I want to know how to get the full contact every time.

What is your experience? How often do you have a full contact with hearing and how many times is there nothing to hear. Do they help you yet if you didn’t hear them?

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Unless you have extremely developed astral senses, you’re not going to get full contact every time.

I have spent about two years working on my chakras, before I even discovered, let alone began performing, evocations. So, I was able to establish full visual and auditory contact immediately with my first evocation.

Just keep on performing evocation, the spirit is there whether you can see and hear it or not, just ask your request and have faith. And work on your chakras to increase your astral senses.

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Did you work on all of them for this, or just your 3rd eye and crown?

I worked with all for this.
I am contemplating how to get the Kundalini.
The Kundalini is a real, independent living astral animal inside your soul, you can talk to and I did with my Kundalini.
This serpent meant that I have to do some things before I get him.


Actually I was replying to MKUltraMade MeDoIt, but how did you work with the chakras? Did you cleanse and purify them first, or did you just do exercises to awaken them?

E.A. has a whole youtube channel talking about getting into the theta-gamma synch that helps you see spirits. He also has his Ordo Ascentium Aeternalis that has exercises for all this.

Also Konstantinos has a great book to help with awakening astral senses, but you gotta do the work daily.

It’s called summoning spirits. In that book he teaches you how to awaken your astral sight and hearing with specific exercises to do so on a daily basis.

How good is your concentration? Another words, how long can you focus on one thing only in your mind before you think of something else? That has a lot to do with being able to see and hear spirits if you’re not in theta-gamma synch.