Please Help or advice on my relationship with Lilith

I been called upon by Lilith … I never use to work with demons until Lilith pulled me in she came to me which I find funny never heard of her before and barely new any demons names except for Lucifer … she came to me in a dream and in the dream she said she chose me for what idk then she marked me with this burning pain and a scar formed in the shape of a sigil a sigil I can’t remember to this day she said we are connected and left the following months I continued to be contacted by Lilith she said how I was her marked one and I have something important to do … she would help me through thick and thin always helped me … one night she laid by me and gave me her arm she then told me to bite her and feed … I fed off her blood it was addicting it tasted blissful and amazing … why she fed me her blood idk but after that night iv changed I’m more dark and primal idk what I am why she marked me or fed me or why she calls me the marked one but I’m hoping someone here can help if anyone could help me or give me advice I’d love it also my DM is open to anyone I really would love some insight


Really interesting

I’ve never heard of this instance before.

Like this?

What do you mean as in you’ve changed by dark and primal, like your instincts/feelings?

What do you mean? Do you mean that after that initial meeting, she began helping you?

Sorry for the shit ton of questions but it is kind of vague in some parts.

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I not like that sigil unfortunately lol

And yes in instincts and feelings

And yes after we met she’s been there for me through thick and thin

And no worries my fault

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Very interesting

Congratulations - you have been touched by the Lilith current! I wouldn’t worry too much about the blood/pain in the dream - as soon as Lilith comes up into consciousness she’s met with the usual RHP baloney that we all carry around somewhere in our psyche. I would read everything you can about Lilith and form your own conclusion. What a wonderful dream.

Maybe this?


Just to add to that sigil, that’s the one I saw a few nights ago when asking for any symbols any of my guides could show me to see who may be around and connect better. That’s the one I saw faintly, wasn’t familiar with it because I mostly use her more common sigil but a quick google search had that pop up. Since Lilith has been my main focus for awhile it was a cool synchronization. Maybe she prefers the dukante sigil? Not sure on that but it was an interesting experience.


I’ve noticed a turn towards the Dukante sigils lately too and not only from Lilith.


Actually yes thank you

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Who’s that Lilith’s from V.K.?

I’m not working with V.K.'s content. This is the Dukante sigil of Lilith.

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oh…idk that looked it up and nada