Please help me with a money spell

Please can you help me with money spell

I made this anew topic, the other one states is it JUST for results and how they were attained.

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I would suggest Bune. If you type Bune into the search bar a whole list off information is available for evocation and petitioning this spirit successfully.


Want i meant was can you cast me a money spell am a beginner and also right now i need money agently because my little brother is sick and in the hospital but i and mom cant afford the bill pls help

I don’t do that kind of magick on here but maybe someone else will assist you, I wish you good luck. :+1:


Better to learn to do it yourself. These things take time to manifest and it will not be in time for Christmas. Maybe there is another way for you to get money?


Ok thanks

Try this:

  • imagine the exact way you will feel when the bill is paid

  • do not think “how did it happen?” or “this is not real” - just IMAGINE it

  • feel very strongly how happy and relieved you feel, right in that moment, KNOWING it is paid.

Then visualise light raditating out from you that carries this certainty that the bill is paid and everything is good.

You may also get spells and other advice, but do this anyway, it will begin to assist things to work.

Good luck. :+1:


You could consider working with Ziku and Barashakushu of the Necronomicon. I’ve used the spellbook effectively. Anything within the sphere of Jupiter or Sol/the Sun is the general approach but all of this is only symbolic and shouldn’t be a restriction.