Edit: I’ll go somewhere else since no one even believes me or will listen.


This doesn’t sound entirely spiritual in nature… is there someone offline (a family member or trusted friend) you can talk to?

Regardless of whether you have a parasite or not, please take care of yourself first and foremost in the mundane world, and come back to the parasite issue later when you are in a better headspace.


I think you should go to the hospital and get help there because that sounds like a serious problem.


Do not cut your self! It will only make your parasite stronger, your feeding it blood.
If Angels do not work when you call for help. Why not call King Azazel?
Your story reminds me of this.


Why did you edit your post and remove it? People here are trying to help you, not put you down or question whether what you say is true. Give them a chance to answer instead of lashing out at them…

…in any event, good luck.


Maybe give this thing a go

Try putting it under your pillow tonight
Sigils under pillows apparently do some cool stuff i dont quite grasp, worth a shot though


Call on Lord Yeesch ask him to help you


He destroys all parasites and he told me I had a parasite that’s been with me for over 7 years.


My dear, it is not that no one believes you or that no one is willing to listen. Spiritual problems should take a backseat when you are really mentally distressed and injuring yourself; when this happens then it means you need to seek help in the mundane world.

Forgive me if I came off as dismissive; as you can probably imagine, these threads pop up like clockwork and there is a multitude of information spread out across the forum on dealing with stubborn parasites. When the problem ceases to become entirely spiritual and causes you to self-harm then you need to seek help, and an online occult forum is not the place for that. Not because people here are uncaring but because no one here is qualified to help with mental distress leading to self-harm, and when you are not in a stable place mentally, even well-meaning spiritual advice from random people online can inadvertently lead you down a road that is not helpful and embroils you further in a distressed mental state.

Please take care of yourself and come back safe, once you are more stable you will be better equipped to handle the parasite problem, and you will be able to find a lot of good occult/spiritual advice here.


Okay, I’ll close your account for 2 weeks, enough time to get used to not logging in, then see how you feel once that’s up. In case of urgent need, make a new account and mention that it’s you, I’ll restore full access as soon as I see that.

Best wishes. :sunny:


I didn’t have time to read it.

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I have to agree. I go thru cycles of depression and, in my heroin days ( 21 years of that ) I attempted suicide by overdose and died 3 times, since I don’t want to die violently by grabbing one of my many firearms ( I’m a gun fanatic ) and put a .45 caliber hollow point or AK round in my skull. More recently, since it seems the “killer combo” for most people ( heroin/opioids and Xanax won’t kill me, I looked up my blood pressure medicine ( my blood pressure is usually jacked way up due to nasty-ass chronic pain ) and my muscle relaxers and found they do indeed have an LD/50. So, I took 3 or 4 times the lethal dose and it just made it so I wasn’t able to walk or have equilibrium for several days. I’ve always had an “I’m a guy, I’m strong, I can handle this depression shit myself” attitude about it, which I continue to do. So, @ PureDevotionGirl, don’t think many people on here don’t sympathize/empathize with you and feel your pain. It took a lot for me to admit what I typed in this message because I’m a “strong enough to handle anything myself because I’m a man, and have seen and been thru much” type person, but you need to make an appointment with a good Psychiatrist ( not a quack, like most of them ) and find the root cause of your depression and come up with a good, working treatment plan together

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Good advice, @Heathen1. Even tho I have mainly employed Forcalor ( along with other demons, and angels of wrath ) to hex people, remember that he also has among his specialties/listed powers ( which we all know are merely snapshots of what they are capable of ) the power to wither malicious magick aimed at you. Also, Murmus has the power to rid a home or place of haunting and unpleasant energies, and I would assume this applies to people as well ( and remember that if you can interpret a power to work a certain way, you are probably right ). Of course, I would try the LBRP and ritual of the Khaballahistic cross first, and evoke one or both of these demons ( 1 at a time, at least a week or so apart to give each demon a chance to work ) if those rituals don’t clear you of the attachment

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From day one I told this person they needed to see a doctor.


@3rd_Eye_Drops Yep, I agree. I always look for a mundane explanation before attributing something to a spiritual, occult explanation ( after I’ve exhausted every mundane explanation as being not the cause, then I look at the occult/spiritual explanations ). I would have liked to have read the original post before the OP deleted it. I would have helped in as many ways as I could. I’ve been around the block many times in my 46 years on this Earth, and I can actually provide some useful advice on occasion ( I know, hard to believe, especially for people that don’t know or believe in what people like us do because we’ve actually experienced it and know without a doubt that it’s true, even tho science hasn’t evaluated and quantified it YET. I do believe that someday, probably long after we have been dead and buried, that the occult will be explained, proven, and quantified by science ). What do you think regarding that? I’ve read some of your posts and you seem to me to be a knowledgeable, intelligent person, so I would be very interested about your take on a variety of occult aspects. I always look forward to seeing your posts and responses to stuff. Whenever I see your posts and or replies, I think “cool, I like to see what good ole 3rd eye thinks about such and such topic”. :slight_smile: When you see likes on something you post, I’m generally one of them

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Ill pm you.

@3rd_Eye_Drops Cool, I look forward to exchanging ideas and having meaningful discussions with you. You seem like a very nice person, and it’s always a pleasure to meet and talk with nice, intelligent people, as we seem to be the minority these days :wink: Hope the rest of your weekend goes well. We’re all snowed in way up in the Great Smokey Mountains, where I currently live, so I can’t even get to work. Good thing my co-owner has the same schooling and qualifications as I do, so we can remain business as usual. I don’t mean to sound uncaring and crass, but Covid has been good for business. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, since it brings in clientele and money, but I feel sorry for the people that died and their families. In my line of work you have to remain detached from such feelings, but when it’s kids, girls, and old people ( I was raised by my Grandparents, so I have a soft spot in my heart for old people. I miss my Grandparents so much, but I’m not trying to vent or lay my shit on people, so I will leave that topic. Again, looking forward to talking with you, regards ~ Cthulhu669

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Could you imagine what the world would be like if EVERYONE had this knowledge? It would be a shit show.
I have nothing against new people coming into the occult but i hope it won’t be mainstream. I believe you have to be “chosen” in a sense to go down this path.

It would stay clandestine but it would attract more larpers.

Thanks and I appreciate it. I look forward to talking about this stuff with you as well. I hope you have a good weekend too.