Please help me decipher this sigil

Here is the sigil:

Does this summon a spirit?
This sigil was drawn over a man’s crotch, does this have any significance?

P.S. Does this sigil have any relation to the rune stones Isa, Nauthiz and Fehu?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks x

I’d liked more info’s about that :neutral_face:


How did you get it?
If you channeled it, ya it will probably summon something. You can open it yourself and ask.

I get something about the four elements.
“I am the creator and the destroyer.”

What makes you feel that?

It looks like voudun

Isn’t there a picture draw app that would help considering there’s a lot on the net. Failing that, you have to pour through books or pic searches.

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reminds me vk jehannum sigils

Could be a bind Rune of some sort.