Please help I need yr Support

Hey guys
M a child rape, police brutality & gender violence Activist in South Africa.
After reporting abuse of my kids by a social worker with social development. She went to children’s court and got court order to take my to my husband.
The kids, 13&12, are abused and highly distressed.
No help from any department and media.
Please help manipulate media & to free legal assistance from human rights organisations or anything for that matter.
I can’t fetch them I’ll be arrested and possibly be killed in jail to avoid exposing officials.
Can you help them somehow to be out? PLEASE
I’ll appreciate friends and/or mentors. Be free to inbox me
Please work something out for us for kids to come home. They wanna be with me it’s my birthday but they can’t.
They are from hostage and assaulted by police. I m desperate & in war mode coz they are very respecting and kind kids… never been in trouble.

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I wanna help one to escape because if it’s blamed on me directly I’d be in legal trouble.

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Ok Mija, this is a pretty bad situation, your best bet would be to cooperate where you can and plan from the shadow, we dont want any blood spilled without it being needed, the spirits you will want to call on are Belial and Lucifer, King Paimon will also help with any legal cases. It would help to work with you ancestors for protection of you and your kids as well.


Thanks very much
I’ll work on it soon