Please explain what happened between my dad and this shaman


I have a story about my dad. He is a judge and one time in the court he asks a witness. The witness is a shaman and apparently the most powerful one in the island. My dad only asked what’s his name but he didn’t reply. Instead, he looked like muttering something in silence. Feeling something amiss, my dad started praying to Jesus and not long after that, the chair where the shaman sit broke and he fell. Then the shaman’s relative came and told my dad, “Sorry sir. We don’t know that you are a more powerful shaman.”

I’ve already asked this to Lady_Eva but since she’s busy she only said it wasn’t Jesus who repelled the shaman. I’ve also asked charles9 and he said it was because of my dad’s strong faith.

So guys, what happened here?



The simple answer is, the strongest spirit wins. This does not refer to any outside agency, like Jesus or Satan, but to the power within the practitioner. In the martial arts, with all things, like skill level and strength, being equal, it is the one with the strongest spirit that will come out on top. It is said, that when masters fight, they stare into each other’s eyes to test the spirit before a single punch is thrown.

Faith has power, no matter what beliefs foster that faith, and in this case, it sounds like your father’s spirit was stronger than that of the shaman. I think the shaman might have been counting on fear of his reputation to carry him and thus was unprepared for your father’s strength.