Please excuse 🙈 this topic is about menstruation, and any advice would be helpful and appreciated

Hi guys…

I hope you are doing well.
I’m struggling with my menstruation a lot :confused: I have incredible pain and it’s just awful.

Do you know of a Demon that can take away your period permanently?

Im 33 years of age and I have 2 beautiful children, and not looking to get pregnant again, so that will not be a problem.

I have tried the pill, but I get really sick, I’m vomiting and do not feel well, also I have tried the injection, but it’s making me gain a lot of weight. And going for an operation, is just not possible because it’s extremely expensive.

I have tried to do more research on this but can’t seem to find any Demon who can help with this… Any help and information would be appreciated.

Kind regards… :metal:


Uhh… I think it will go away automatically but search demon/god/goddess associated with fertility, maybe they can help c:

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I’m almost positive there will be no way to take away a normal bodily function.


I wouldn’t recommend a demon however here is something I gave to my wife, I call it “Blood Moon Oil” because it was made by the teachings of Az Jahi, The Blood Moon which rules over all menstrual mysteries.

So you use this in a bath heres what you need.


  1. Red Rose Petals - Six or Nine (depends on the size of your container
  2. Dandelion Root - Three to four pinches
  3. Cinnamon - Two pinches
  4. Lavender - five pinches
  5. Moon Water - Charged moonwater best if charged on a blood moon but you can use the full moon too (10 droplets)
  6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  7. Your Own Menstraul blood - About three or four droplets
  8. Container to put it all in

Place each of these into a container, I would recommend focusing on the intention of why your doing this. Its a very simple and basic concoction I’ve given to many females in my life, I would recommend once all contained.

Simply light three red candles in a shape of a small triangle place the oil in the centre, call on Az Jahi and visualise a blood moon above the triangle. Charging it with a red bloody lunar ray and you can vibrate her name as a mantra as you do so.

Then I’d suggest leaving it there, meditate on your intention and return in a few hours or so, if you wanted I’d suggest opening a sigil of Az Jahi and placing the oil on top of it whilst in the triangle.

After a few hours hold your hands over it, feeling and visualising the astral bloody menses of the dark goddess contained therein and say.

“Az Jahi, Dark Goddess, I Consecrate & Activate Your Bloody Essence Contained Within This Magickal Oil.
May the elixir of the blood moon, may the lunar crimson droplets enchant this sorcerous oil. So it shall be, so it is done, thank you”.

It’s that simple, run a bath and light some red candles either side of the bath, turn the lights off.
Have the water nice and warm, before you use the oil activate it by saying.

“Blood Moon Oil, I Activate You In The Name Of Az Jahi, The Bloody Dark Goddess To (State Your Intention for example)”

“To enchant these waters with the droplets of the lunar rays, to heal and to ease my discomfort and pain, to strengthen and purify me, to give me strength, to transmute my agony into the bloody light”.

You can then add as many droplets as you want into the water, you don’t need much. Lay down visualise the water glowing dark red, almost like blood meditate and through breath pull that essence into the root chakra until its reached a critical pressure at which point. You can visualise the lower chakra becomes blood moon, then embrace the magick of the water healing you outside but it rising through the inner blood moon emanating its light through all the lower chakras.

Breathe in the blood moon light, breathe out the pain, breathe in the healing bloody goddess, breathe out the agony. Do this over and over, then lay back and relax in the water.

This is something I recommend for any females dealing with any women’s issues or menstrual cramps/pains.
Works wonders for a lot of women, they report to me different sensations and have even known to feel and I quote “frisky afterwards” which is odd but interesting.

Az Jahi may be a destructive entity but she is a devourer and devours your pain, eats your agony and in return through her destruction of the affliction, you are given the ease and comfort you crave.

Essentially baneful entities/powers can be used in for beneficial needs.


Thanks… Wil definitely have a look

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Thank you for the information and taking the time to read and reply… I will definitely do this. :slight_smile:

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Have you been tested for Endometriosis? Just asking, because apparently its still some kind of myth for a lot of Gynecologists and they don’t start to look for it unless you ask them to :thinking:


I personally know someone who has that. It’s hell for her.


There’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed to discuss this topic. Menstruation is a natural process, nothing to hide from. It’s discussed in various threads, so again, nothing to be ashamed of, just to put it out there OP.


Quite a few herbal things too, and idk them all by any means and haven’t tried them all, but I’ve been liking Kratom for it. I’ve always had a heavy and painful flow but Kratom serious oily lessens thst- even the lowest back pain and thst is always the hardest for me to deal with, because it’s like… almost electrical and awful feeling.

I know there’s all sorts of teas and things though too thst wouldn’t make you loopy when you take them like Kratom does lol.

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Also drink water. My monthly seems to be less painful and not as heavy if I drink water daily.
Eating alot of chocolate will make My flow really heavy as well.

So there are a few simple things you can try that may help.


Raphael the divine physician.


I don’t have anything entity-wise to suggest you, but a tested advice I got from my mother as a teen, which she also tested, was to exercise. That means, a healthy regular work out even during your period. It won’t reduce the flow, but it will make it much painless on your next period.


I second that. Lots of women have it and don’t know it.

That I second also. Although you want to curl up in bed, a light exercise is better.

I also recommend a tea blend which contains mugwort, feverfew, St. John’s wort and yarrow.


Some things can be solved without magick, and this is something that can be!

When I was a herb witch, I started growing mugwort. I do research on all of the plants I use, and I find that mugwort has traditionally been used as a tonic for gastric and menstruation uses, and was even used as an abortifacient. That being said, don’t take mugwort if you are pregnant, or suspecting to be, because chances that you have a miscarriage will increase.

Scientists don’t exactly know why mugwort has such an effect, and I tried to find some reliable data as far as chemical analyses go, but I only got bits and pieces of the chemistry of the plant. Apparently, the chemicals in mugwort might stimulate the uterus. If you don’t trust me, take a look here:

The active ingredient is thujone.

Luckily for you, mugwort has tons of spiritual purposes. Here’s a link that include many of them:

Next time, brew some tea with it and do a spell. Kitchen witchery comes in handy when it comes to things like this, doesn’t it? Be sure to only take it in small amounts, though. As far as I can tell, thujone isn’t completely understood, so be sure to google it.
I was doing research and couldn’t find any demons, since I primarily work with angels and most of my sources are angel-oriented, but I can link you to a masterpost of grimoires to do your own research. There’s a ton, so you’ll find something eventually, right?

I know I’m not as knowledgeable as a lot of the people here, but this is all I could find using what I already know. I hope you find a solution to your menstrual pain. I know how you feel.


Thanks for all of you guys… Tanks for reading and replying… I will definitely try out the methods and advice given… Much love and appreciation


Yes, that’s important. Feverfew too. You should always check the effects of a herb first. :+1:


I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through.

I think someone else mentioned trying to research deities and entities associated with the female reproductive systems (and, by association, the pain that comes with them). Hathor, Isis, Taweret, Freya, heck, even Lilith may be good starting points for you, thought I’m not sure of your experience level.

For menstruation pain, I use ointment from Belladonna’s Botanicals, but this might not be strong enough to combat what you are experiencing.

Outside of consulting a doctor or specialist, I’m not sure what else to suggest.

Hoping that you find a remedy soon that helps!


Hey so I don’t recommend a demon for that.
Pain can be alleviated many diff ways.
Recently methods that the us government by CIA has released have become popular on tiktok.
The human code for pain relief is 55515
Focus on the area of pain, place the intention of pain relief and say those numbers. And let it go. After a while you’ll be like woah it doesn’t bother me no more.
Or you can also say “spirit of its in my highest good please help take this pain by tuning me into the menstrual/pain healing””
this was set up by a lightworker friend.

Both of those methods above have worked for me personally.

Now for a abortive type of thing so that you don’t have to take the pill or stuff:
The best thing to use are herbs tbh.
Mugwort/ wormwood (2-3G/8 oz) / chamomile/ vitamin C/ ibuprofen(800 mg)/ cinnamon
Safflower/yarrow/rue/scotch broom/ peony
These are herbs known to delay menstruation and induce miscarriage/abortion. They are basically natures contraceptive and plan b.
I’ve heard that mugwort/wormwood/chamomile. Any loose herb listed above should be made into tea with max 2-3G / 8 oz of water.
800 mg of ibuprofen and a lot of vit c like (1000-2000mg)

I hope this helps. blessings to you.

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I find this thread cute.
The “Please excuse this topic about menstruation”, and the “Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well”.
It made me smile.

Try mantak chia’s book on female energy. I know you asked for a demon, but for a matter relating to your own body and sometimes the mind, its best to use your own abilities.