Please don't judge but this is a serious question

Good evening fellow mages/witches,

I come to thee seeking knowledge and wisdom from the experience y’all have with sexual attraction…
I’ve lusted lately for the idea to become a sexual energy supernova attraction in the most specific form factor.

To elaborate better on the idea I mean be so full of sexually attractive energy to emanate and overflow to the point of it to possibly cause the people around you (most preferably female) to look at you with the most hypersexualised vision possible or just to have people when they first think about you in a subconscious level to think of you in a sexual level and to subjectively want to approach you in a more flirtatious way…

It might seem too unrealistic but I just feel troubled by recent past experiences of being looked at and be dismissed for people around me that obviously look worse than me, even at times I have the same chance and im placed in the same situation simultaneously on the spot and get the person to go to the other person even though I’m not much of a different option than the other but for some reason I am more likely dismissed.

Even my previous wife cheated on me for someone that looks uglier than me…I almost feel salty or as if someone or something is taking away this opportunity from me even though in all honesty at times I understand that the person isn’t convenient for me but I almost feel like I am in my peak and I’m being dismissed to the point that I will go to waste, I feel like some how it is my fault…I am confident around women and I try to portray my self as approachable and genuine and I know I am attractive to a certain extent but I am tiered of being dismissed…I really just want to be looked at like a slab of meat to fuck, I’m not even in it for the pleasure or to cum I just want to be looked like a prey to be taken advantage of.


What you are after can be accomplished with (for lack of a better term) sexual alchemy and glamour magic.

The more you practice semen retention and opening your microcosmic orbit, the more others are attracted to you (as a side effect really).

You can use that as a ground work, and a battery to fuel a glamour for what you are looking for specifically.

Sexual transmutation, it’s a game changer. :grin:


As a guy who sacrificed the overvalued activity of chasing women in order to persue demonhood through the practice of baneful magick, I find your objective a waste of universal power. It can fail in so many ways and if you succeed it can be so harmful to you, that you better stay single for a while. Instead of thinking about magical solutions, look at yourself and figure out what is in you that makes women dismiss you, and then, look at women and figure out what is in them that makes them dismiss you. Probably you will either fix the problem and get women, or you will find a better thing to do with your life.

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Call on asmodeus or try to do the root chakra exercise for attraction posted on a different thread , meditate on being confident , charismatic , attractive to women , In the morning without checking your phone do it first thing , and at night , also emotionalize these visualizations with lust or gratitude


Also looks aren’t everything , have good body language too


You say in your topic that you ask a serious question and so this is a serious reply, without judgement. I suggest you read (or at least read the plot summary and analysis of) the novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind.
I mean, be careful what you wish for, specifically:

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Joseph from your post i think you should atleast think about this opinion of mine and do litle selfe analisis…so it seems to me that you ocupy your selfe with being exepted maybe from subconcius fear that you re not god enough from your desire to be exepted…and hence that you seek attention to feed ego so you can become more satisfy with your selfe… Best approach in that case is to build selfe confidence internally so it will manifest phisicaly…and self comfidence is most attractive trait there is…so when people see you as comfident as you can be, automaticly you become attractive to everyone… I hope it make sence :slight_smile: p.s. sorry for my poor english so i can’t explain as i would like to but i hope you understand what im planing to say…best regards

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You know, of all the posts on this sight about how to attract a partner, I don’t think I’ve ever seen women post them. I mean, the profiles on here don’t list gender. But it’s like I just see guys making these posts, myself included. I don’t think this is a bad thing. It’s purely healthy and natural. I’m just wondering why I never see women making these posts.

I wouldn’t judge women who did make posts like this. Actually I’d prefer they did.

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Its not about the looks man, you just need to have that confidence. When a woman says im not interested in you they dont actually mean it (some do) well not all of them, they want you to play the game to get her

It is not your fault its the way you think man, its not the women, its you who have dismissed yourself
You could always do a attraction spell, so you will get more noticed, this may sound crazy but i have done the no fap method for 30 days and you wouldnt imagine the energy i had in me. Im not asking you to go on a no fap trip but build your confidence. Right now you are believing looks do matter im dismissed so remove those thoughts from your mind


eVox, “Playing the game” can potentially lead to disaster. If a man takes this idea to mind that he has to chase a girl, and he pursues her, and by chance she’s just not interested, he could be accused of harassing her.

No means No. Whether or not a woman means it. Guys like Joseph take that to heart because women force it down our throats.

In a word: testosterone.

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I have been rejected so many times by women, yet i tried and had a good run

You got it the wrong way dude, if she says no… then say ok we can be friends ( part of the plan) then you play along…you gotta read her signals, most women say no because they dont wanna feel desperate to say yes, like i said once u build that confidence you can make the right moves by sensing those women vibes

I disagree i have experienced the big NOs but yet i have accomplished in some way. You never take the NO unless she says eww get the fuck out of my way LOL (thats fuck No) :joy:

Like i said signals read them
Cause women are hard to read they never say whats really on their mind, its a whole damn puzzle for us to solve xD


They do but they prefer the demons than human flesh


To answer your question, I’d suggest looking into “Magickal Seduction” by Damon Brand and practicing Semen Retention/Nofap for at least a couple of weeks. This personally worked for me to the T, even the women I visualized during Ritual 3 in the book looked like the ones that approached me in real life and asked for me to have sex with them at a bar. Just make sure you follow the rules in the book completely.

I was in a very similar situation to you a couple of years ago when an ex dumped me for someone…of an objectively lower caliber. Like you, it hurt my confidence. These days I’ve pulled myself away from the trap of seeking validation from others and feel so much better for it. What I suggested to you is a short term fix, but to echo what others have said, I’d definitely look inside yourself and do some soul searching. Take care!

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Well, how about the ladies have a say.

Should men be made to “read the signals” then “play the game”? What if a man missinterprets the signals you send and pursues you, even though you’re not interested?

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This ^^

After I petitioned gremory, I literally felt like I looked more handsome in the mirror the next morning. Lilith has helped me to slowly, but surely be more comfortable with my sexual side. I have been consistently exercising, eating well, resting, drinking water, moisturizing my skin, flossing etc. When I’m in the store I notice women from my perpheral paying me attention.

This aint about me lmao, but basically I think along with working with x spirit, doing your part also helps greatly and will increase your overall outlook of yourself :ok_hand:

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There shouldn’t be any game playing.
Prefer straight up honesty and being open about an interest. Then as a lady you can always accept or decline.


Unfortunately for me as a guy, straight up honesty isn’t the safest policy. But I do prefer it when women are honest.

I’m not sure i can follow.
It’s better than being deceived. I don’t think you can go wrong with speaking the truth.
What are you afraid of?

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