Please do read this. In need of serious help

Ok so here is my introduction. One day awhile back I was drawing my personal version of horus eye, then all of a sudden a guy I’m speaking with has me look into the sky and plain as day the eye I was drawing appears in the sky as if I took my pen and put it there myself. So with that being said I’ve been going thru some strange experiences recently one such occasion was Friday where someone with an amazing gentle power was taking over my body but then I thought to hard on it and it slowly disappeared. So I did some digging and found that I may need to speak with thoth. I have zero experience in these areas but I’m not afraid to learn and do whatever I must to get my answers. Please someone do help me.

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Who are you?

What’s your preferred interest in magick?

Who was the guy that had you look at the sky?

What questions do you need the answer too.

Honestly your post is so vague, please post a proper introduction so we can know how to better help you.

How old are you?

What is your occupation?

What hours do you work?

How many rooms does your house or apartment have?

Is it accessible from the roof?

What is your alarm code?


Blood type?



Middle name?


on a serious note. I would start by reading in the spirits, evocation and possessions forum here. You should have all the information you need to make that happen. Thats where i am learning and expanding at.

I would say to read read through her post while gathering more Thoth information on his ENN and sigil and whatnot. Then envoke and ask away!

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Thank you.

Sorry for the vagueness of this post. So I will put a bit more of the story up. So I was going through a tough time and I was at a guys apartment in his front yard at night and I had been contemplating some things and I look up to seeing these 2 beings battling in a field. The first one was a short guy with I nice fitted cap amd super clean multi color polo baggy Jean’s and some nice sneakers but this one had no face the face was totally blank and dark, darker than the night itself. The other was a very tall about 7 to 8 foot tall being wearing a oni mask and for whatever reason the little guy made me very uncomfortable I could just feel the evil coming from inside of it but the one that actually looked like a demon was comforting to me. They both eventually realized that I could actually see them and what they were doing so they stopped and both looked at me as if pearing into my soul and the tall one sent me a message through a “feeling” that’s what I will call it but it was as if he was telling me to run. As soon as that feeling hit me the little one ran at me full speed going right through a chain link fence and continued towards me. So I run and hop in my tow truck and lock the doors immediately and jist as I do that he jumps and lands on the side of the truck rocking the entire tow truck as if he is heavier than even the truck. I start the truck up and drive away with him on the side of the truck and once I hit a speed bump he just vanished and never saw him again to my knowledge anyways. But a week goes by amd I cant shake the thought of why the tall demon with the oni mask didnt come after me and made me feel safe, so I one day lay in my bed and focus hard on him and call out to him and he appeared to me on my wall but only the mask. The mask was made up of what seemed to be every road I’ve ever been down and will ever go down. It was a living breathing mask you looked at one part of it and it tries to take you down that road for you to see it. But after a bit I ask for the man behind the mask to remove it and it was so. But it was me behind the mask, I looked so tired and wore down but the way my eyes looked it was as if I had real knowledge,wisdom, and power. But I looked broken so so broken. Then a couple of years go by and that happened to me with the eye in the sky.
More about myself now.
I am interested in all magick
I am 31 years old.
I have had an out of body experience while drifting a friend of mine car about 8 years ago I physically watched myself drift the car, my projection was in the passenger seat.
The answers I’m looking for is what am I supposed to do next. After having my eyes actually opened and seeing behind the veil more than once and asking for large wonders and they actually happen I need to know who is trying to communicate with me and what there reason for it is. But someone or something is definitely trying to contact me. Just Friday I had something try to take control of my body, but I could feel that the presence was a good one as if trying to guide me to where I need to be next but I thought to hard on it and it went away. This is why I must contact thoth or someone of his nature to explain what is goin on with me amd what steps to take next

Would you please read the response I just sent to the first guy that responded to my message.