Please discuss my earth magic concept

So I had an idea for gathering energy for one’s self. So the plan is to harness the Earth’s energy by useing magnits attacked to a picture of one’s self maybe I need to make paired stones and have the magnit pull in the energy into one stone thats paired with a stone i keep on my person.

Any and all feed back is appreciated, sorry if I labeled the catagory wrong wasn’t sure where o place it. If anyone has ever made your own sigil before I’d love to hear the process. Also any pointers about other runes or components that could be used would be helpful. How do you pare two stones to get her where one absorbs the chosen energy type and the other transfers it from first stone to second? It. Logical to believe they can do this when separated correct?

I have no clue if I even need the stones or if I just need to figure out a way to get the energy to physically charge into the picture in turn empowering me i was thinking about maybe making its own signal on the back of the photo I was told when you make you own you use all the constinants no repeats and no vowels of the basic wording of what you want to do so example if I just asked it empower me I’d make a sigil out of the letters MPWR

I have no clue how to arrange them for application of a sigil I would want to some how incorporate runes Like Fehu for it’s ability to transfer energy. And a rune that is associated to the type of earth I’m placing the bagged components into, if it’s near water id like to use uruz because it means water and has theattribute mind over after and alternativly matter over mind,

that was in the tarot card reading I did with my mom shortly after I started waking up, it was cool I’d close my eyes and put my hand over the cards and feel a card that was calling to me I only had like 3 normal number cards almost all face or divination cards and I had mainly all pentacles even drew the death card allighned with moderately past experiences so I took it a sighn to not waste away just doing drugs at a house I lived at with a friend. The main thing I remember about the reading was I needed to be humble and that I was the page of pentacles, forgetting what the significance of being that card is besides being a bearer of knowledge to others and lastelt I was suppost to represent strength and courage for others.

Anyways sorry about the side story. So yea I was thinking useing the runes that were associated with the transfer of energy and the earth on probably the inside of the sigil not over lapping and just circleing the center of the sigil then doing the letters that represent the intent of the magic in order around the outside of the sigil, the sigil would be the back of the image of me once I open the sigil with the intent of drawing power from earth and empowering me

I’ma steal a concept from a spell I read about while on here, that Does the same with sigil and intentions on the back of the image bye covering the entire image with yarn so that my image and the sigil cannot be seen the magnets will be inside the yarn I’m thinking one on each side of the image placing me at the connection point of the magnetic energy. I’m going to have to get a cloth bag that Hass a pull string or something like that to place the finished product into for it’s resting place.

The spell I’m thinking about was one Lucifer taught someone or getting what they wanted and they would write the intent o the spell on the back of the image of the person there casting on then would use yarn or ribbon exc to over the all of the picture and they would then hide the craft so they nor anyone else find it. If I find it again I’ll post a link to it.

They used red yarn, do you think I should do the same to maybe try to get Lucifers helpaswell or do you think I should use a color that better connects to the earth I’m not quite sure yet if I want this to be associated with his help if you have any ideas about a more solid foundation or can let me know if I should Connect to Father Lucifer or Mother Lilith based off what they make you feel see or hear concerning the topic.

I’m thinking I might wanna use black yarn because of my unique connection to nature and Lilith but I’m not sure if I should I just had the idea o use white yarn because a reading I had about her protecting embrace of me was like snow covering me. The white would also take color from the earth it’s in hopefully strengthening the magic. The magnets I just
Sorta figured would be what pulled all the energy into my image and to me also gives me the feeling that I’m connected more with earths natural electromagnetic fields hopefully it helps block interaction from the synthetic magnetic fields that man made.

if lucky and blessed I’ll able to access the healing that is associated with the Earth’s consciousness that scientificly I read was stored in the Earth’s electromagnetic fields but I also read that man is trying o destroy it with attempts to make the man made spectrum stronger. I’ve had a few of my scans lately point out that I have a strong connection to nature so hopefully nature and mother Earth see this as an attempt at using them for strength and not me just trying to steal energy.

I was even thinking about doing one of the pouches differently and focusing more on grounding myself and transferring the negative energy in me back to the earth for she is wise enough o know how to use it. So I’ll have an emphasis on the FeHu rune for it’s ability o help energy transfer and also the main ruin from The reading I recently Got that my Amulet rested on the rune Inguz which is seed or the god in the reading it said Earth God aswell so seems like I’ll need to incorporate that rune into all the work

I think the concept of having two stones one with the pouch underground or this one I’m thinking I’ll try to hurry it under a redwood tree I was told there the best for grounding one self. The other stone that’s linked together I’ll keep in my pocket or just near o me.

So what’s your thoughts about this concept have you ever Hurd of anything like it? Do you have pointers, or any warning. I had this idea after asking for my higher self to be asked or told to help me be wiser for wisdom o move into me so it seemed like it helped instead of looking at lewd pictures again like I was doing before I went outside of a smoke break and inturn had some prayer.

imo, the Universe has infinite energy, you dont need to use magnets, just ask the Universe for the energy you need.

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also if you are into energy work and healing, perhaps you should stop with cigarettes and, assuming you drink, stop with alcohol

I’ve tell myself I need to quite at least once a week it addicted pretty badly. I don’t drink alcohol that often nothing for me to be concerned about the effects on my body and mind.

So you just recommend just trying to tap into the universe’s abundant energy? I’m born on the 8 so I’m theoretically supposed o have an extra ability to channel that energy. I just haven’t really been able to reconnect with the oneness of the universe nor had my energy levels insanely high for quite a few years I went through gov min control and lost almost everything in my life. Don’t really know why I shared that it’s just my situation I tend to believe it’s easier for others o give advice if they know a little bit about what I’ve been through.

So if you don mind sharing who do you address your thoughts to when connecting to the universes energy and what do you tell yourself to get yourself to absorb the energy. Is there any specific things you image that make it easier.

When I had a grasp on that energy I had just bearly started realizing everything spirit wise was real. I litterally woke up to being able to do real magic and now strive to get back to that presence. So o figured just having a way to be empowered by the earth would help. Somthing that once it starts it’ll just boost my energy levels. The first few days of seeing my aura I’ve never obtained it that wide again the purple energy circulateing all around me it seems to bearly be able to leave my body now, that and over never been able to get my head straight enough again to open it so it’s visable like vapors rising again thy was cool everything around me just looked like rising energy like fumes over something really hot. When I did it last people around me were commenting on it so others could see it. So yea I babble longing for the old days even though my ability to scan someone I have now and I get visions, I only got visions a very few times back in the day and was so ignorant I would assume things I shouldn’t have. Example sees an hourglass then pictures myself eating half of the sand inside the hourglass as a dragon. Back then I’d stupidly believe I had touched the sands of time now I realize my image of me eating the hourglass just prevented me from seeing further into the vision.

well force yourself to stop, it hurts your energy pretty bad i think

in your case id look for your spirit guides but in terms of getting energy, just ask the Universe

Especially when you have negative feeling about smoking, I need to just force myself to quite and be done with it. I was trying to channel some more energy and asking the universe to just empower me to the energy levels I had back in the day so I can be at peace and be able to o once again and not try for the things I intend to accomplish.

So if it’s not a bother to our would you try scanning me with intent of discovering spirit guides, I know of the spirits I’ve called out to like Lucifer and Lilith but not sure if there quite guides I was told recently about a direwolf that had the same rune that my necklace stopped on during a reading. And I’m aware of a spirit that sorta reminds me of the Naga fom video games but he sorta floats his body turns into a tail at midsection not touching the ground. If you’d be more comfortable doing the scan in pm we can do that. For a new scanner I’ve been told I’m doing good.

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i cannot scan now, try on scan thread someone will definetly pick up :slight_smile:

But if you have worked with Lucifer and you feel good with him, i would suggest him no? important is who do you feel is best for you

K sorry to ask just had a feeling you’d be able to revealed somthing about my spirit guardians. I’m probably gonna go to a scan thread here pretty soon no one else seems to be showing any interest in this topic. Probably just time of day. One more Q if you don’t mind what’s your opinion for the best way to enhance/open chakra

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meditation, whatever feels best for you to access your energy systems, but most importantly, do not rush it.
try lookin on youtube, i do not suggest binaurals personally, but that is just me.

Lucifer seems like a pretty good option I consider him my spirit father, last time I did his guided meditation where you wear his gear he seemed to alighn my self image making me stand straight up and empowered me I felt a big energy surge. The other option is Lilith but I don’t know how much she willing to help me without me offering her some blood, I need to get a needle for that though.

I was just thinking about Lucifer and got an idea of what to expect for a vision when asking him to teach me how to pull in the creation magic. I also did just recently write him poetry so that should help.

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So I meditate and focus on trying to open them I’ve read that for what ever color chakra you picture a ball of energy circling a pole to help opening the chakra. I’ve recently started one I read where you picture a flower blooming out of your chakra points. The flower one helps and I’m also doing Binearal beats I’ve only don’t it for the 3rd eye or for healing vibes. I was more looking for a method or playbook for meditation on chakras if your willing to share what you picture when you meditate on them. I can’t quite do it anymore but I used to connect to my spine and pull it out of my back spiritualy feeling each vertibra rise out of my back I was thinking that probably helped my alignment too. That and I was able to just focus and then outloud say allighn focusing on my spine and I’d feel myself automatically stand straighter and feel my spine like adjust. But yea any pointers for visuals or when meditating on it? Or do you know practices to open the 144000 connections we have in our body to Kundalini. I just bearly Hurd about them

only pointer i can give you is find what works best for you, i have to leave here now cheers :slight_smile:

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Well thanx for the conversation have a blessed day/night. May you that is.

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Still looking for pointers on how to make the sigil and anything else anyone wants to comment about share that wisdom.