Please comment- what do you suggest I do with this guy

this is a nasty fucker eh?

heres what i would do:

1:project on the astral and find him.
2:form a black spike with your energy.
4:repeat step 3 untill he’s totally impaled.
5:return to your body and unleash the darkest magic you can upon him
6:legion of demons.
7:watch him try to apologize to you, do NOT accept any apology.
8:death magic
9:acquire a demonic familiar who specializes in legal cases and win your case.

ez peezy lemon squeezy. hope this helps.

Y’all do realize this is a necro thread, right?

i thought this was in the ‘left hand path’ section…

i thought this was in the ‘left hand path’ section…[/quote]

He means old thread, it was made last year in summer.

[quote=“Xerato, post:1, topic:8167”]Hi there fellow black magicians

I would like to hear your most unrestrained answer and even tips on
what to do with the following guy. Tips on solving this issue in the most appropriate way you can find in yourself to generally deal with someone coming unto you like this (imagine you are me for a moment in the story)

I met a guy - and I have this court case going against me
(me being robbed by corrupt bankers and their accomplices)

and this guy is a lawyer. The guy looks quite dodgy though -
brags about being the best lawyer and that he gets away with everything - because he’s good at ‘talking’ he says
and says the same night I explain him that I got through sexual abuse 6 times when I was younger…;

He says to me “maybe I can help you”…; if you have sex with me… (?)
I’m like look - I just told you I got sexually abused and you say that to me?

The guys tries to grab me…and says nasty stuff like…come on let me touch you…tries to fondle me…even to the point where he slightly uses some brute force; I’m telling him I am straight…and he says oh so am I - I just don’t care about anything- (with a smile pretending to be a “nice” guy…
and I stopped him telling him out loud…thinking to myself…I’ll just walk away…; and go home… (as he wanted me to sleep over in exchange for him helping me) (and he’s not even gay or anything…he does these these things because he indeed doesn’t give a r*ts ass about how another may feel -as long as he gets to abuse someone-to overpower someone-

He’s also an alcoholic…;

  • I saw him today where he said to me well your text message (which I sent him after the above - where I told him he was a sexual abuser was ‘’‘provoking him’’ and it was nothing less than the truth…;

and he says to me ah you like to be f*cked in the ass with a little cream
(imagine someone coming up to you with a rapist attitude-expressing his intentions and making fun of sexually abused people)- saying these words in reference to what I told him about my sexual abuse…; and I said 'I know you’d wish to try that…-

where he comes and says…you ‘gay dude’ projecting his own attitude- which I am not by the way-- but he says that in the spirit of wanting to demean me to make himself look better…;

Now this guy still walks around and has been abusing and manipulating people in having unwanted sex with him-where he plays the role of accusing the other of complicity and kicks on the fact that he is a lawyer-thinking he can get away with anything because of knowing how to play it…


What would you consider to be a most appropriate way to deal with this guy- black magick style…

I feel like unleashing the ultimate unto him- without killing him at least not immediately- I prayed after the first encounter that he would change but he didn’t…; So it’s time to stop this guy from going against the free will of others- and make more victims…

How does one succesfully perform black magick without karmic repercussions? Among other things you may potentially suggest- I feel like having him taken out of his body by demons every night to purge the fck out of him…and taunt him by day-confronting him with every bit of his own malevolence reflected back to him- without him ever finding either rest nor death- until he is absolutely purged and absolutely humbled-having respect for any other human being whom he has no consideration for and seeks to abuse for his own gratification of false power! How do you suggest I would totally dethroned this fck in a most righteous manner- like meeting his own dark attitudes mirrored back to him- making him live the whole purgatory while on earth…(the ultimate purging)
Evoke Erzulie Dantor and use Marie Laveau’s curse to hex him so bad that he’ll never have a ounce of good fortune as long as you wish. ( this is voodoo btw, just incase you didn’t know :slight_smile:


Can someone explain what the Marie Laveau curse is and how to perform it?