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Good afternoon guys, I’ve posted a message a couple days ago I got some advice from 2 people and I’ve done as I was advised thing is things have gotten worse I was engaged 2 years back and I was happy tho the relationship I was in now I realize it was toxic I wasn’t allowed to do alot of things basically I was forbidden its also my fault cause I allowed it but cause I loved him I changed my whole life for him and gave it my all as long as he was happy 1 month before my marriage he broke it off for no valid reason and got married to someone else 3 months later of which I realized later on he had been cheating on me I was completely broken then I met someone who was my shoulder to cry on was always there for me through it all helped me get myself back together we both fell in love I was happy but my happiness was short lived cause for a couple months now he’s been distant he’s not the man I fell inlove with he’s able to see me hurting and feel nothing about it there’s days don’t eat can’t sleep I tried explaining to him the way I feel but it’s like he doesn’t care anymore I gave this relationship my all I did everythng I could to keep him happy I never questioned him not a day about anything I don’t complain I believe what’s ever he tells me my birthday he never came to see me I was admitted in hospital and he didn’t come see me either I’m completely broken the only difference is I have no one to turn to so I turned to the lhp Im clueless about everything I don’t have any books on magic I don’t know how to sense and see a spirit I don’t know anything I have tried a couple spells but so far havnt seen anything I’ve done visualization not sure if iv done it right but nothing I tried evoking Lucifer and assumed his there still nothing im on the verge of loosing my job I don’t have money to go to anyone or do anything my whole life’s falling apart I’m pleading please someone help me I wasn’t lusting for results all along I’ve been patient but I need help if there’s anyone for the sake of humanity please help me I don’t know what else to do I’m on da verge of just ending it some of you may criticize me it ok ill except iv been through alot in my life and I can’t take it anymore I just want to be happy and loved I just want this man to give me all he promised and be there for me like he said he would I don’t need him for money or materialistic things I need him cause I love him and I was happy with him, you can’t tell someone you love them and make them fall for you and then leave or treat them like trash when you no longer want them I have feelings and emotions to any help will be appreciated greatly please I have no one else please for the sake of humanity I’ll take all the reprimanding and everything but please help me I’m loosing it😭

Before you do anything with another man or another woman.
Fucking love yourself.
Make love to yourself… If you can’t explode with your own hands use something.
Allow Sex with a Spirit.
No ex is ever worth your time no even in thought.

Learn healing of the mind through psychological and social learn wgat narcissistism is allow yourself to feel Fucking awful and aknowlage it.

Do the Technik of no contact.

Study meditation abd practice Media ever damn day several times in a day.
Practice grounding.

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Thank u

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In order to do that, you have to be happy and love yourself…because if you did, you wouldn’t put up with this piece of a man that treats you this way. I’m not a licensed mental health professional so I’m not going to lecture you about your life choices.

I’m not judging you either, because I’ve been down that road also, where I gave my all to a man, only to have him chew me up and spit me out, broken & lost. I didn’t love myself back then. It wasn’t until I stopped accepting that behavior from men and spent time alone, spent time getting into myself and loving myself that I realized I deserved more from a partner.

My advice would be to cut the cord with this piece of a man, let him go and focus on yourself for a while. It might not seem like the ideal thing to do because you love this man and want to stay with him, but it’s unhealthy and causing you nothing but pain and grief. You deserve better. There are a lot of great men out there that will treat you like the queen you are. Focus on yourself and when the time is right, when you feel the time is right, draw that man to you.

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Oh god, use spaces for goodness sake.


Ur pretty, to be honest I did try for over a month and it didn’t work I understand what your saying but truth is I can’t let go call it what you may but to be in the situations I’ve been in before and go through it all I’m tired I don’t want to life is so unfair we have so much people in the world doing all the wrong things but so happy and here I am with some other people who loves with our everything and be treated this way, why can’t we be happy instead? I guess this is the part where some of us will say life’s a bitch suck it up and steal your happiness if you unable to get it fairly. Some people will judge and that’s fine I’m not against it everyone has their own opinions but if you think about it and be me for a second this man took advantage maybe of my situation he claimed to love me even before I could even develop feelings for him so ok we both fell inlove but what’s the problem now why put me in this situation knowing what I’ve been through why? It’s unfair when the only thing I gave him was love and commitment, I have hope and faith that there’s someone out there whose willing enough to understand and help me in this situation there has to be someone out there who will have a heart and feel for me. The thing is I always help people and I always understand people’s problems and it’s now when I need help I really can’t find it… Thanks doll for your advice I know you mean well and I appreciate it but I can’t give up I’m too broken to quit after all I’ve been through…

Good luck :bouquet:

Thank you

you don’t love the guy that help you. it’s called rebound. transferring of feelings to another. You feel for the person cause he was there and care for you. His caring may not be genuine but to take advantage of your situation. The after behavior says so.

You can’t have another if you don’t love yourself which is true because you let the ex walk all over you. Action of taking care of yourself is proof you love yourself. You need to do self cultivation and figure out who you are. Not what you want or desire. who am I?

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I do love him, maybe in the beginning it was a rebound relationship but I’ve grown to love him it’s been over a year we’re together, all I’m asking for is assistance please some of you may understand what this feels like I know you have at one point I plead to you guys I’m not a magician I try spells yes I don’t lust for results I try evocation and visualization but I’m hitting a brick wall maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong I’m willing to learn and do whatever is needed to help myself yes I’m clueless but it won’t kill anyone to help a person whose in dire need of help, I don’t think there’s people out there that’s selfish who can see someone struggling for help and not help please all I’m asking for is help if I didn’t need it I wouldn’t ask and make myself like a fool cause that’s how I feel right now

There were a few people who were unselfish enough to take the time to read your posts and gave some sound advice. It just wasn’t what you wanted to hear.

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I won’t debate cause partially what you said is right however there are people here on this forum who’s more clued up about spells and evocations and so forth and I’m here asking for help but don’t stress it’s cool

I’m not here to argue or make people think or feel like I know it all cause I definitely don’t if I did I wouldn’t be here asking for assistance you may know what it feels like to be in a situation but you don’t know what I’m going through if I was your sister and you see me in the position I am in definitely hands down you would intervene guaranteed I would do the same but… Anyways thanks for your advice I appreciate it all of it

Okay, so there is a few things here going on. The first piece of advise I have is that you need to develope a way to calm yourself. The state of your mind reflects your perception of the world, as well as can influence manifestations in your life. If you walk around fearing that the sky is falling, your life will begin to certainly feel that way. It is actually something that has popped up in my current working in a different context. I believe your past relationships have lead you into that cycle, which will need to be broken. I would recommend a cord cutting ceremony and practicing something such as meditation to help bring in that calmness. It can be as simple as daily breathing exercises.

I believe that something to help understand and accept stages of life might be helpful as well. All things that begin eventually end, whether we define them as good or bad. Learning to embrace that change and savor all the stages without clinging to them could be helpful. I would recommend exploring something such as Stoticism for helping with that. By being able to accept change, you will be able to let go intention in spell work that can lead to things such as fear, anger or worry that can disrupt the spell. I would not take it as far as being emotionless but it can be a helpful philosophy in terms of both magic and life in general.

With a calm mind, look at your situation critically and begin to work on the changes necessary to improve your life. I do second all the replies stating that self love is important. It teaches us how to love another, as well as face the person we see in the mirror as a friend, who is the only one who follows you into the grave when your time comes.

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Thank you

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You’re welcome. I know it is not the direct answer you are looking for but I have found that many problems stem from the same root, which is the condition of the mind. Get that as calm and grounded as you can, and things begin to open up. It is the foundation of any working, while the other skills (evocation, spells, etc) being the walls. Without a strong foundation, you are not going to be able to build much. Talk is cheap with this, as it is something that takes time to achieve. Just be patient, honest, and kind to yourself.

Best of luck for you in your endeavors. While my own struggles were different, I know how it feels to feel like the world is collasping on oneself. It is not easy, but it is something that one can rise from.

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…trust me, I’m not stressed at all. Stress is wondering if my husband will come back alive from the war in Afghanistan, not an online forum hun.

Also, don’t assume that I don’t know what you’re going through just because I didn’t go into detail about myself. You don’t know anything about me outside of this forum.

Hopefully someone else more versed in magick will come along and assist you.

Take care :wave:t5:

Derailing a bit, but may your husband return home alive and as well as possible. I’ve known too many who been over there.

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your just making excuses. you don’t ask for help on internet forum. You help yourself taking action in the real world. You help yourself by helping yourself. you don’t look outside self. Your just emotional and filtering your thoughts through the negative emotion. Your not objective but being desperate. No one can help you on forum cuz your depending on other’s advice not your inner self. YOur not even doing self reflection. you want people to tell you things you want to hear . you don’t want to hear the truth. All your focusing on is him him him. your not even loving yourself enough to respect yourself to put yourself first.

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Straight up, bcse i cnt read too much. U want him back,? Love u,? Be toghter,?