Please answer very urgent!

I am at my wits end with these rodents and insects . Just a few mins ago mice were in my bird cage running around for food . Good thing my bird wasn’t harmed . I buy multiple traps and catch multiple multiple mice but they keep coming back. Which goetic demon can help keep the mice and rodents gone for good ?!?! Please help


The piped piper!!
He once drove all the rats out of London. Unfortunately, it backfired and they all ended up relocating to Liverpool


Though seriously… I don’t think high ranking demons deal with such trivia… it’s something easily manageable with day to day methods.

Try laying more traps or spraying the insects


Get a cat dude or two. The smell of the cats is actually a rat repellent the cats don’t even need to catch the rats they just have to hang around and smell like a cat. This could be why people who kept cats were seen as witches, the plague was spread by rats and those that had cats didn’t get rats. So they seemed unnaturally immune to the plague.


What about pest control! Serious man, they get you free in a half year. Seeing results in weeks, months.


I’m not sure if you live in an apartment complex, but sometimes they can pay it via an apartment association .


Burn orange peels and let the smoke of from that permeate the area that’s causing you issues.

Get a cat really or get three

Use insecticide and maybe look into fumigations?


Tarantula pet. Tarantula pharamones will keep the insects away.

When all else fails it may be time to summon THE EXTERMINATOR!

@TheRookie Do you have a cat? Might be a good purchase also.

No I don’t .[quote=“SabahSnoblod, post:8, topic:21134”]
Tarantula pet. Tarantula pharamones will keep the insects away.

A tarantula kills mice ?

Some tarantulas are big enough to kill mice.

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Call someone man. Dont call upon a spirit for a rodent issue. Thats not what we should be calling upon demons for


What kind of insects? Also, the mice are there because of the birds. Now that it is winter, if you kill the ones that are there then theoretically no more should show up. Unless you are in an apartment building, in which case you are SOL. Honestly, I like mice, but there poop turns up everywhere.

Anyway, to answer the question, I think there is a goetic that helps with animals, Camio.


I live in an apartment building with nothing but crackheads . And the building is very dirty . Thanks for telling about camio


Hello, not sure if you’ve managed to resolve your issue through mundane methods yet but I found something by sheer fluke.

It’s in the 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand and the angel you will need is CHAHUIAH - it has the power to repel thieves and pests (e.g. rats, insects etc) but you must employ modern methods first according to the book.

I only have a physical book so I can’t give you a screen dump of the sigil - you will need to go in search of that yourself or do some work on the name of that angel.


Ye lets evoke a demon to get rid of your rodent problem,

73rd demon of the goetia
His main attributes are giving people simple ideas
Like lifting their birds cages up from the ground and maybe hanging them from somewhere above,
Also he helps people buy mouse traps and rat poison.
Ensuring they stop posting DIY problems on occult forums.

Honestly guys is it just me?
Surely i cant be the only one thinking this,
Sometimes I feel like this forum is turning into facbook, next thing people will be asking which demon can deliver the correct type of cheese to ensure the rodent gods fuck off back to the sewers.


You clearly have resistance to rodents and mice specifically. I understand you were asking for a goetic deamon, but I am going to give you spiritually oriented advice tailored towards mice/rodents.

From a shamanic perspective, here is a piece taken from Ted Andrews “Animal Speak”:

Mouse (from the Ted Andrews, “Animal Speak” book)

When mouse shows up as a totem, it is either time to pay attention to the details, or an indication that you cannot see the forest for the trees. You may be getting so locked into details that you forget the big picture.

Ask yourself: Are you taking care of the trivial but necessary things in life? Are you getting so lost in the big dreams that you are neglecting other aspects of your life? Are you becoming so focused on one or two activities that you are neglecting to see other opportunities? Are you missing what is right in front of you? Is there something obvious that you are missing or need to focus on? Are you trying to do too many things at once and, thereby scattering your energies?

Mouse medicine can help you focus and pay attention to detail. It can show you how to attain the big things by working on the little things. Whenever mouse shows up there are lessons associated with attention.

So mice may be showing in your reality because of the above reasons. I hope this helps.

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I think I fount a demon who can help me with this problem .

Sirchade - is one of the eighteen Servitors of Syrach. He has powers over animals.

And Amnediel.

How do i call Amnediel ? I can’t find his sigil .