Please allow me to introduce myself

Over the years I have studied philosophy, psychology, and myth - my magical practice has been divination, experiments with chaos magic, candle magic, hypnosis, worked with Hekate while going through a hard time in life.

What have you learned from all this, you may ask? Try, experience a is costly and efficient teacher :slight_smile: Most folks will get that I think - like when you drop a slice of bread, it always falls butter-side down on the floor. Jesting apart, my aim is to improve my financial circumstances, so I can help my daughter in her life.

My struggle is caring for my partner who is not in the best of health. Meanwhile, I am sure I will make some friends here. I really appreciated watching the Youtube vids, as a way of finding out about you guys - Big Thanks!


Welcome @nitecat

Where are you from?

How long have you rpacticed?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

I allow it, jk jk welcome to the forum I hope you get the financial help you need there tones and tones o pages allready written about magic spells for money just gotta use the search bar. Once you learn what’s been laid beor us all I’m sure you’ll have a good handle on doing the money spell, but if you feel like you need help or more tips after using the search bar were here for you, and btw the otger guy who posted is l33t he’s pretty awesome pay attention I he ever gives you pointers the words will be charged.

Since the end of the 90s really, but I have had an on- off sort of practice over the years. I have no tradition, the nearest I have ever had to a system was inspired by Paul Huson’s book, Mastering Witchcraft (if that counts), used it back in the day. I live in the North of Scotland U.K, so I am a solitary.


Thanks for the tip - looking forward to reading.

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