Please advise which demon or spirit?

Hi there

I’ve spent the past days researching and it seems there is a lot of conflicting ideas of who to evoke for helping me get back with my love of 13 years. Some say ask King Paimon to chamge her thoughts and remove blocks but others say he doesn’t help in matters relating to love. Others say use Duke Sallos but then again others say he would not help me. Does anyone have any clarity on who to reach out to help me?

King Paimon can help in matters of love, however, he prefers not to.

Salos and Sitri are demons of love. They can enflame any emotional attachment your ex might still have for you, but if there is hate or resenrment as well, it can overpower the love.

Also, remember that your ex can love you but still decide that getting back with you is not what she needs. Love, by itself, is not enough to bring about reconciliation if the reason she left is because of something else.

I would go with Dantalion. He specializes in emotional manipulation, not love, and that is what you want.


How would one evoke Dantalion? Offering and chanting etc?

Avail yourself of the forum’s search function in the upper right (the magnifying glass). There are many threads about Dantalion that provide his enn and give ideas for offerings.