Please advise for Archangel Michael

Hi, stupid question coming.
A few days ago I had a strange dream where from normal dream somehow turned up in a dream with Archangel Michael.

In the dream, it happened that a man was giving free newspapers and while throwing them in the air, he turned into a woman and turned to talk to me, telling me that I have been feeded with some food. The woman said a word I do not know and I asked her what it is. After I repeated the question a few times, she started checking the meaning, asking around other people, and in the end told me it have been cherries. I asked what had been the meaning behind it and she first started to say it is to poison me, then change the answer telling me it had been to protect me. I was confused and asked for more info. Then the woman became a young girl and we entered a room. She was holding a tablet and she started moving her finger up and down, scrolling answering my question, but still very unclear. I saw her checking different pictures and found out she was asking angels, so I told her to call the angel she was talking with so they can answer me. She agreed and started talking on another language. At first I thought it is Latin, but then I thought it may be Enochian. I am not sure what she said, but I saw the picture of a young man with long light brown hair holding a crown above his head, but not on it. Then she said the name Michael. I started panicking and looked at my sister that was there the whole time, thinking “Oh, no”. Not that I do not want him, I love him, I have worked before with him and I can’t express my gratitude towards him enough, but I didn’t expect that we were calling him. The girl shortly stoped talking and I felt a strong wave as if it was from wings, instinctively I said “fuck” but apologised for it. Like I didn’t expect him to come at all. The girl turned towards my sis so she can ask what she wants, I know I purposely refused to listen to it, as it was private. Then it was my turn. I told the girl I have a few different questions for Archangel Michael, but I want to start with the one we called him for. She started talking to the other language again, in the end she tried to translate to me what he have said, but she was called on the phone and run out of the room. I felt the dream ending, but I asked still to receive my answer. At that time my sister in reality was talking to me, but I tried to block her. I then tried to take my phоne in the dream, but I couldn’t as it wasn’t moving, then there were some writings on it, that I don’t really remember, but they were my answer, kinda. Then I woke up.

When I woke up, I told my sister and she was shocked as she said she had felt strong energy just a few minutes earlier. So it turned out I may have accidentally called on Archangel Michael in my dream, so later on I tried to apologise to him. But the thing is, since then I had one more dream where Enochian was used. I do not remember this dream, just this part, but this time there wasn’t any names or presence. Just a few words.

Now my question is how much I am going crazy, or there was something more in the first dream? Please if anyone has more experience in this stuff to advertise me as I am really bad at reading my dreams, especially the part where I need to determine if it is just a dream or something more. I would be very grateful for all the help. Also do you think I can work with Archangel Michael as I was actually wondering about asking him for help or not, but I wouldn’t say it was something that was constantly on my mind. At the time of the first dream I had many other problems to think about. Sorry, I know I sound stupid, but I really do need help. Thank you.

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have you tried praying to Archangel Michael about this? Apologies but i have not read the whole thing, its too long for me right now